Should You Have Assigned Seating At Your Wedding?


Whether or not to have designated seating at your wedding reception is a decision many current couples make to create the ideal experience for their guests.


This takes tons of time but can be worth the hassle for certain family members. Assigned seating at your Georgia wedding can make or break a guest’s experience.


There are several advantages to using assigned seating, which is precisely what it sounds like: deciding where each visitor will sit at a specific table. Couples have the option of placing their guests at tables with individuals they think they’ll get along with, but this seating arrangement isn’t without its own difficulties.

The Benefits of Assigned Seating (Pros)

Some of us have longed for the perfect wedding day. You want to walk down the aisle on a beautiful Georgia day with no family drama. We totally get it. Here are some benefits of assigned seating that may help the day go smoothly.

Assigned Seating Helps Streamline Wedding Organization

Open seating arrangements might be disruptive if your visitors aren’t used to it or aren’t particularly polite to one another. Even if diners are all seated at the same table, this may still be the case.


It might be challenging to keep track of who is seated where when visitors arrive at their designated tables. This is particularly true if not everyone at the table is acquainted with one another. The stress of figuring out where to sit at a big event is alleviated when guests are given assigned seats instead.

It Is More Formal

Assigned seating at the reception is more common at formal weddings. Still, it may give a special touch to a wedding of any formality level. With the help of place cards, you can add a touch of individuality to each guest’s table setting without taking away from the overall aesthetic.

Assigned Seating Helps Manage The Experience

The fact that you can choose who sits where is probably the most important benefit of assigned seating. Most families have at least one pair of “those relatives” who can’t stand each other, and assigned seating makes sure that nothing goes wrong.


Even if you have to put unfriendly relatives at the same table, you can be careful that their seats don’t end up next.


On the other hand, assigned seating at your Georgia venue may also allow you to play matchmaker. Maybe you have told your best friend about a coworker you love dearly. This is a chance to seat them together.

Drawbacks of Assigned Seating (Cons)

If you want your Georgia wedding venue to have a relaxed feel, an assigned seating chart may not be the right answer. There are a few downsides to doing this, and here they are.

Assigned Seating Adds Stress

Although this is much easier for guests and takes the hassle away, it adds one more thing to your plate. You already have many things to plan for your Georgia wedding venue; this is just one more thing to think about.

You Will Have to Think About Last-Minute Guests

Unannounced guests can be a serious problem regarding your seating chart. You may have uninvited guests or a plus one you had no idea was coming. There are ways to plan around this, but you have to be prepared and expect at least a few unexpected guests.