Last week we gave you a huge list of things to do after you tie the knot, but what do you do about post-matrimonial depression?

We’re kidding. It’s not quite that serious. But spending 15 months planning a wedding can easily consume all your free time (especially if your wedding venue doesn’t come with adorable rustic vintage wedding decor like Spring Lake!).

And if you think wedding planning didn’t take up all your free time, just ask your new husband. He’s probably just as happy to be married as he is to be finished with all that wedding planning.

So, now what are you going to do? It can suddenly feel like you have nothing to do. It’s almost surreal.

Especially if you are like a lot of engaged couples who waited until the last year of school to get engaged, and planned your wedding for right after graduation. That adds up to a lot of finals, internships, job fairs, and maybe even moving to a new city added into the wedding planning life mix.

We know. We’ve been there. You’re still excited every time you say “my husband,” and still checking out those beautiful rings on your left hand.

But you might be wishing you took more photos on your wedding day, so you could remember that day that passed by so quickly. Or dreaming of reliving those first dances. And you’re stuck in that void of time between your wedding and before you receive your wedding photos from your photographer.

But we’re here to give you some coping ideas to make it through the void.

First, head on over to Spring Lake’s website and just have a look around at our gallery of vintage wedding photos.

Vintage weddings gallery

You can flip through the photos of our venue and relive the memories with your new spouse. Relive your favorite parts of the day, and share all the things you didn’t experience together (like before the ceremony).

Then, you could write up a review of our wedding venue, complete with all the details of your day, to help other brides find the wedding venue of their dreams.

And finally, one of our favorite tips from last week for beating post-matrimonial depression, write your story. That’s right. Down to every last detail. You spent months planning the day that slipped away like Cinderella at midnight. Capture those memories and save them forever now before even those memories slip away.

Your own story will be the perfect complement to your wedding photos you’re about to receive and just might even be a family heirloom passed down through generations.