Vow renewals are a chance to remind your special person just how much they mean to you. Having your friends and family surround you during your vow renewal adds an extra special layer to the day. If you’re not sure how to start planning the perfect vow renewal, then you’ve come to the right place.

Vow Renewals

Vow renewals are common for people who want to celebrate their love and remember their wedding day. Most people do vow renewals on or around their anniversary. Consider if there’s a special time coming up that would make sense for your vow renewal.


One of the most important things to consider is where you want your vow renewal to be held. Some people opt for a lowkey setting like someone’s backyard, but we prefer vow renewals that are held at a venue.


At Spring Lake Events, we love helping couples host their vow renewal at our venue. We have a variety of different location options onsite, so consider booking a tour and seeing why so many couples choose our venue. We’re booking up fast, so we’d recommend scheduling a tour with our staff as soon as possible!


Another thing to consider is what you want the overall aesthetic of your big day to be like. Are you wanting classic tones? Do you want something reminiscent of your wedding day?


Thinking about the aesthetic that you want can help you narrow down your other options and make sure that everything is as coherent as possible. Consider making a Pinterest board for your vow renewal so that you can keep track of all your different options. Planning a vow renewal can easily become overwhelming, so finding ways to stay organized is important!


Some people choose to have food for their guests at their vow renewal. While this definitely isn’t a necessity, it is a nice option to consider. If you’re going to be hiring a caterer, then it’s important that you give yourself enough time to find the right option and book them.


When you’re thinking about the food that you want to have at your vow renewal, consider how the flavors and aesthetic can mesh with the other choices that you’ve made. For example, if you’re having a black tie vow renewal, it may not make sense to have barbecue as the food option.

Guest List

One of the most important factors to consider for your vow renewal is who you’re going to invite. Make sure that you give your guest list enough notice so that they can clear their schedules for your big day.


When it comes to sending out invitations for your vow renewal, you have a few different options. Some people choose to send out traditional paper invitations. While this can be a good option, it’s also more expensive and can take some time. 


If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option that’s also immediate, then you could consider sending out virtual invitations. This is also an excellent way to get quick RSVPs.