It’s no secret that there are so many different decisions that need to be made when you’re planning your wedding. As a bride, one of the most important decisions that you’ll need to make is what you’re wearing on your big day. Many people spend months picking out their wedding dress, but there’s another thing that’s often overlooked… Wedding day shoes.

Wedding Day Shoes

Having the right wedding dress can add an extra touch of magic to your wedding day. However, picking the right shoes can add comfort and class to your big day. Not thinking about your shoes is a decision you may regret, so let’s go over some things to think about when you’re planning your wedding day outfit.


Your wedding shoes should not only match your dress, but also the overall vibes of your big day. If you’re going for a classic look, then that can be reflected in a gorgeous heel. However, if you’re having a unconventional wedding, then you may go for a more unique option like sandals.


It can be difficult to know which pair of shoes is right for your big day. When you’re struggling between multiple options, consider going back to your main vision and reconnecting with the larger themes of your big day. This can be a great way to recenter yourself and ensure that you’re choosing a pair of shoes that makes the most sense for the day that you’ve planned.


Some people care deeply about comfort. Especially if you’re going to be standing a lot on your wedding day, the wrong pair of shoes can make you uncomfortable. If you’ve found the right pair of shoes but they’re not as comfortable as possible, then consider if there’s anything that can be done. Purchasing insoles and thinking about the size of the shoes are two ways that you may be able to slightly increase their comfort level.


Once you’ve found the right pair of wedding shoes, then it’s essential to break them in. 

The Reception

If you’re wanting an elegant look for your ceremony and also to dance the night away at your reception, then it may be best to consider two different pairs of shoes. Having multiple shoes on your wedding day can be a great way to take advantage of multiple styles and save your feet.


Having two pairs of shoes can be a great way to make more memories and have more things to pass on. Holding onto certain things from your wedding can be a great way to preserve the day, so consider if you’d like to be able to keep multiple pairs of shoes when you’re remembering your wedding.


If you’re going to be having an outdoor wedding, then it’s probably not a surprise that you’ll need to think about the right pair of shoes. You may choose to wear one pair of shoes when you’re outside taking pictures and then switch to a different pair when you’re going through the ceremony.