Can we just take a minute and talk about parking cars at weddings?

It’s not the most glorious of topics and you might not have even thought about where your guests will park when visiting some of the wedding venues out there, but it’s definitely an important one.

Parking is one of those things like taxes. You know it’s there. It’s important. It could be awesome or it could be terrible.

When parking is abundant and nearby, life is awesome. But when parking is not enough and too far away, the problems just start snowballing.

Surely you know by now that there are thousands of details that go into a wedding day. And in those thousands of details, it only takes one incident to create a “wedding day emergency.” And, there’s a good chance that your Aunt Sue has whatever-it-is-that-you-need in her car.

Well, what if you chose a wedding venue with only enough parking for the bridal party? Or, worse yet, what if you bussed all of your wedding guests (bridal party included) into your vintage wedding at an estate? (Yes, this happens in real life. We’ve been to some.)

What could have been a 5-minute incident turns into a logistics planning nightmare.

parking cars at farm weddings

Photography by Kiss the Bride Photography

Or what about a guest that needs to carry medical equipment with them, like your Grandpa and his oxygen. Do you really want him toting his gear down the streets in Downtown Atlanta?

Did you plan on any elaborate decor? That stuff has to get here somehow, and without easy drive-in access (and nearby parking), you might not get everything set up properly.

And you know your bridesmaids have to bring about a suitcase full of getting ready supplies and a change (or two) of clothes. I don’t know about you, but I feel stranded and homeless without a “home base” like my car. Or. at least, a car that I could use if I needed to.

What if everyone on your guest list could be comfortable with everything they need at hand. You could rest easy knowing that you have any extra supplies you need in your car without having to carry everything into your dressing room.

We know, we know. Parking situations aren’t the most glamorous details when selecting a wedding venue, but it really is a big deal if you don’t have the ideal situation.

You don’t see many photos of our parking area, but it’s just inside the entrance along the gravel drive. We have enough parking space to park them many rows deep and many cars wide.

Thankfully, we have many more 5-minute incidents than logistics planning nightmares. Our parking is just a jump away from the wedding venue buildings.

We have plenty of parking for everyone on your list. You’ll never need to worry about if Grandpa can get his oxygen tank here, if you can get to your decor, or if your girls will have everything they need for getting ready.