We like to talk a lot about decorations and awesome wedding venue spaces for aspects of your wedding day. But let’s get real honest here. It’s about to get real. I am a person that works with Spring Lake. I don’t own it. I won’t be the one talking to you when you call or touring you around the gorgeous property. I won’t be there on your wedding day. And I would still put food on my table if you didn’t book the venue (but why wouldn’t you??? It’s gorgeous!). And that is why you can trust what I’m about to tell you.

The staff at Spring Lake is what makes it such an amazing venue. They are why friends and families of brides and grooms (not just the brides and grooms) send people they know to Spring Lake. The staff and their excellent level of service is mentioned in almost every single review we get and a lot of the comments on Facebook, too.

Spring Lake is more than just a venue. It’s a family farm, and has that exact feeling when you have your wedding at Spring Lake. You could always rent a venue in town that has some ritzy owner that is never there on wedding days, passing down all his rules and regulations to his “clients.” But Spring Lake (and our staff) treat you like family. We look out for you and try to take care of you. (And the few rules we do have are passed down from the local government or are for the protection of our property (like not burning down the barn ;)).) We are as affordable and flexible as possible because we get it. We know weddings can get crazy expensive crazy fast. And we know you want it to be everything you’ve always dreamed of.

And let me just say, Renty and her wedding day staff work extra hard on wedding days to keep everything going smoothly. There’s a ton of work that goes into preparing the venue for you on a wedding day that you might never think about, but it’s all done and ready for you when you get here. And Renty will be right there with you, working to make that wedding day dream of your a reality in her realm of expertise. And even though I can’t tell you who our florist is, she’s pretty awesome, too! Not only can your venue be incredible, but you can have breathtaking flowers to boot!

We recently received a letter singing the praises of our staff. It’s only one of many kind words said to us, but you better believe your kind words are what gets us up on a Saturday morning when the temperature gauge is already at 82* on a muggy June morning.

Thank you for hanging with us. Thank you for sharing your sweet reviews. Thank you for the cards. And the Facebook comments. And for telling your friends and family about us. We consider you part of our family.

If you want to leave a review of our venue, you have lots of opportunities to do so. And if you did leave a few kind words, I’m sure Renty would love to hear them.

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