Our most recent review says so much about what makes Spring Lake such a special place. Have a quick read for yourself…

“If you are looking for a traditional wedding venue with typical wedding furniture and décor than Spring Lake Events is NOT for you.

Spring Lake Events is a venue with unique characteristics that only mother nature could provide. From beautiful sunsets, to earthy trees, to acres of manicured grass, to the rippling water of the lake, this venue will set your wedding apart from any other wedding you or your guest will ever attend. All of our guest felt as if they were on a retreat.

At Spring Lake, God has already done most of the decorating, so even if you don’t bring a single candle or vase to the venue, your wedding will still be beautiful. Not to mention, the venue management team works overtime to ensure you have the wedding you’ve dreamed of.

Sabrina Bawuah (On AtlantaBridal.com)”

Sabrina’s so right. While we know we’ve put a lot of time and effort into making Spring Lake an amazing wedding venue, we have to give a lot of the credit to God’s awesome design skills. We’ve got this awesome piece of property that was here long before we were. We’ve made a few changes along the way that makes it look the way it does today, but it’s a gorgeous place. And most likely a holy place. There are so many lives that change right there under our cedar archway, so many promises, vows and covenants exchanged here. It must be holy. There’s a peaceful, serene feeling here, and that’s the way we like it.

And Sabrina said it right when she said you don’t even need decorations. We’ve got rustic, vintage, nature, eco-friendly, elegant, and dreamy wrapped up all into one! We’ve added in lots of spaces around the venue that create places for your friends and family to make memories. Sure, you can bring your decorations (believe me, we loooove to see what you’ve always dreamed of come to life!!), but don’t forget that it’s the memory you’ll be walking away with at the end of your big day. You’ll have memories of kissing under the cedar archway. Your guests will remember seeing the smiles and grins on your faces during your first dance. And your parents will probably talk about it all the way home. They’ll talk about how great it was to see everyone, and how perfect the venue was. ;)

Photography by Paris Mountain Photography

And when things settle down for you, you’ll probably have a few amazing memories from your day. Where do you want to make them? By the fireplace roasting s’mores and chatting with your favorite people under the stars? Sitting in the lawn down from the reception barn, holding your sweethearts hand after a sweet piece of cake? Out kissing by the old truck? Dancing the night away in the reception barn? Hanging your feet off the dock in the late afternoon?

Wherever and however you want to make memories on your wedding day, we’ve got the place.