If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, then you’re probably wondering what traditions you want to incorporate into your big day. There are so many different traditions that exist, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you.

Wedding Traditions

When picking which wedding traditions you’ll incorporate into your big day, it’s important to think about your values and personality as a couple. You should only incorporate a tradition if it makes sense and fits in well to your big day.


Below are some of our favorite wedding traditions that you should consider throughout the planning process…

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

The longstanding tradition of having something old, new, borrowed, and blue can be incredibly special. If there are important people in your life that you want to incorporate into your big day, then you can ask them each to contribute to one of the things. This can be a great way to include people in your big day while sticking to tradition. 


Having your photographer take pictures of your old, new, borrowed, and blue things can be a great way to remember them and have a photo record.

Saving Some Wedding Cake

Maybe one of the tastiest Wedding Traditions, Many people choose to freeze the top tier of their wedding cake. This can be a great way to preserve a small part of your special day and have something meaningful to return to. If you’re going to be saving the top tier of your wedding cake, make sure to take that into account when you’re designing your cake.

The First Dance

Your first dance is an opportunity to make a statement as a couple and share a special moment. We love the tradition of the first dance, as it allows the couple to take a moment for themselves and enjoy their reception.


Your first dance gives you a great opportunity to select a song and dance routine that represents you as a couple. When you’re planning your first dance, it’s important to think about the space that your reception venue provides.

A White Wedding Dress

There are so many different colors of wedding dresses available, but we always love a classic white dress. Choosing a white dress is a great way to stick to tradition and make sure that you have a wide selection.

Spring Lake Events

At Spring Lake Events, we love seeing the many different ways that couples incorporate traditions into their big day. When you’re deciding which traditions make sense for you, remember to think about your identity as a couple and how that can be shown throughout the decisions you’ve made.


Traditions should be a way to have fun and make memories, they shouldn’t be something that causes stress or something you don’t want to do. If you’re not a huge fan of traditions, consider picking one or two that make the most sense. This can be a meaningful way to incorporate traditions while still staying true to how you want your big day to be.