Open Air Barn Weddings & Why They’re So Popular This Year!


Have you seen the rising trend in open-air barn weddings? This is because they are perfect for social distanced weddings! If you find yourself unsure of where and what you want your wedding venue to be? Put a rustic barn at the top of your list!


Overall Ambiance of an open air barn wedding

Outdoor wedding venues give all the romantic and laid-back vibes. With the large capacity of the barn itself and the open air feature, it’s a place that can accommodate all of your guests and give you peace of mind.  The subtle rustic touch of a barn compliments any style; it is easy to decorate and make your own. The ambiance of an open air venue sets it apart as one of the best places to get married.  Celebrating the day (and night) wrapped in the beauty of the outdoors and also protected from the uncertainties of the weather; the barn wedding venue is the best of both worlds!


Private, Peaceful + Best Wedding Photos

The popularity of Countryside weddings have been on the rise for years, but now, more than ever, it truly is the perfect place to be wed. Just one glance across the serene landscape and you will see why so many choose an outdoor venue to say “I Do.” Spending the day of your wedding surrounded by the luscious tree line and sparkling lake makes for memories that will last a lifetime. What if I told that wasn’t the best part? The location is private, peaceful and makes for amazing wedding photos.  


Barn Wedding Décor

When it comes to picking out décor for your wedding, a barn can actually be pretty versatile. A lot of people assume that you have to stick with a rustic or vintage theme, but that isn’t the case! Red roses and rich candles make for the most romantic evening. Decorate using moss and gold accents for the whimsical wedding. Vintage weddings are always classic; adding antique furniture, dried flowers or small trinkets around the barn. If simple elegance is more your style, crisp white flowers or eucalyptus will give the barn just the touch it needs. 


Open-Air Space

The open air barn, lakeside fireplace and grassy yards make the perfect size venue for both small and large weddings. The open space allows guests to interact at a safe distance with each other and groups of like-personality folks to form comfortably. 


One Location for your Ceremony and Reception

Our ceremony site and reception barn are located on the same piece of blissful farmland; this makes it easier for everyone! Having your ceremony and reception at the same place  helps reduce the stress of coordinating timelines and giving directions for multiple places. All inclusive venues that accommodate both are typically most cost effective as well. 



Why Choose to have an Open-Air Barn Wedding?


Having your wedding at an outdoor venue is a great choice, period. It goes without saying that this dreadful pandemic has effected our lives far too much. With the recent onset of new precautions, business regulations and limitations on gathering, choosing to have an open-air barn wedding allows you to celebrate your special day, the way it should be.