Today we’re going to tell you about a special member of our Spring Lake family.

If you happen to be friends with Renty on Facebook you might have seen his cameo pop up in various roles and vehicles around the property.

On a wedding day, you can find him setting out chairs and tables, driving the golf cart or even helping the catering team serve their yummy treats. Even on non-wedding days, he is sometimes working hard as we maintain the property and keep it looking amazing for your wedding coming up the next weekend.

You might have seen some reviews that mention Mike and how great he is with our wedding guests. If you guessed him, you’ve missed it by an inch. Today, we’re talking about Stephen.

He’s a treasured part of our team here and is the kind of young man that gives us hope for the future in a world where kids are generally seen glued to screens.

That’s right. A kid. A boy that’s just the right age to be too cool to hang out with his parents, much less help out around. Just the right age to wish he was out 4-wheeling, hunting or fishing. Or maybe even just kicking it around the house instead of out busting it at the wedding venue.

This guy helps out whenever he’s asked, doing whatever he’s asked to do.

Just have a look through these photos to see what we’re talking about.

stephendrinks stephentruck


But, just because he’s a hard worker doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have a grat time! He’s still a little boy, afterall!!


stephenlake stephenpaddle stephenspider



See? This kid is awesome and such an important part of our team here at Spring Lake.

Not only is Stephen doing great work around Spring Lake, but he is back to making his Christmas ornaments this year. Last year, he raised over $1500 for coats for kids through the Sheriff’s office by making wooden ornaments. On his own time. With his own energy. And it wasn’t even for a school project.

How many other kids do you know with initiative and heart like this guy? I’m not even his mama and I’m pretty proud of him!!!

If you’d like to purchase one of his ornaments, they are $3 each or 2/$5. Just drop us an email to let us know you’d like one (or twenty).



stephenornaments stephenornaments2


So, the next time you’re here at Spring Lake, keep an eye out for our youngest team member. You never know where he’ll be, but you can be sure he’ll be one of the best kids you’ll ever meet.