Picking the right wedding venue is an essential part of making your big day as special as possible. However, there are so many wedding venues out there. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when scrolling through all the different options, but there are some factors to consider that may help you narrow down your venue picks.

Wedding Venue Considerations

Many people choose to tour a few venue options before their make their final venue decision. Before you can start touring your favorite picks, you’ll need to pair down all the options and select your top favorites.

Your Vision

Before you even begin looking at venues online, consider taking some time to envision your ideal venue. Think about things like what the style of the space would be, how much it would cost, and what the venue would provide.


Making a list of your top priorities can be helpful. If there are things you absolutely want in a venue (or don’t want!) then make note of them. Compromising can be important sometimes, but be clear about what you’re not willing to negotiate on.


Now that you have a vision in mind for what you would like in a venue, you can start considering all your options. While you may not be able to find a venue that checks off every box on your list, there are lots of possibilities out there. Let’s go over some of the things you should think about when narrowing down your venue options.


Where the venue is might seem like an obvious thing to think about, it’s more complicated than just the city that your venue is in. Consider how transportation will work on your big day and how the weather of your location could impact the experience.


It’s likely that you’ll be working with your venue’s staff even before your big day. A venue’s employees can play a large role in the details of your wedding, so it’s important to find a venue with staff that you trust.


Wedding photos are the perfect opportunity to capture memories. If you’re planning on taking photos at your venue, this may eliminate a few choices. Not every venue is able to provide quality photography locations. 


Our venue is the perfect choice for couples that want to have beautiful photos and be surrounded by nature.


Guests are another factor that may need to be considered when picking out a venue. How many guests you’re planning on having will likely influence the size of the venue you need.


It goes without saying that you’ll need to find a venue that’s available within your timeline. If you’re planning a wedding far in advance, then you’ll most likely have more options than those that have a time crunch. 


Money often plays a large role in venue decisions. That’s one of the reasons why we keep our prices stable. Our couples never have to worry about our prices fluctuating or surprise fees. At Spring Lake Events, we provide a luxury experience for couples that are wanting to stay within their budget.