Wedding favors can be stressful to figure out, especially if you want your guests to leave your wedding with something unique. In this blog, we’re going to go over some unique wedding favor ideas that you can consider for your big day. Let’s get started and go over some of the most memorable wedding favors that we’ve heard of!

Wedding Favors

There are so many different wedding favor options and it can be hard to narrow down all your different choices. When you’re thinking about wedding favors, it’s important to pick something that you like and represents you as a couple. Don’t hesitate to take the following ideas and turn them into your own. We love seeing couples put their own twist on wedding details, so send us your ideas!

Takeaway Food

Pretzels? Burgers and fries? Cotton candy? You can pick your favorite food and give it to your guests for an extra special wedding favor option.


After a long night of dancing and having fun, your guests will love taking some food with them as they hit the road. Consider thinking about what food will be the easiest for you to get a hold of or designate someone you’re close to as the leader of this task. We promise your guests will love this option!

Personalized Coffee Blend

If you and your partner love coffee, why not give out a personalized blend as a wedding favor? This can be a great way to nod to something that you love and your guests won’t be mad at all when they have a fresh cup of joe the next morning!


One of the best parts about giving out a coffee blend is that it can be very affordable. If you have a tight budget and you don’t want to spend it all on wedding favors, then this could be the perfect option for you.

Mini Champagne Bottles

If you want the party to continue even after your guests go home, then giving them mini champagne bottles could be the right choice. Mini champagne bottles are the perfect way to keep things classy and unique… Could this be the right pick for your wedding favors?

Wall Art

If decorating is something that you love, then wall art could be the perfect wedding favor for you to give to your guests. You could either let them choose their own print or find a print that represents some element of your wedding. This is definitely a memorable wedding favor that they’ll be happy to receive, so consider if this could be the right present for your guests.


Cocktail Kits

Why not give your guests all the tools that they need to make a signature cocktail? Giving cocktail kits can be a great way to encourage your guests to get creative in the kitchen. If you’re going to be giving away cocktail kits, make sur