Let’s talk cake. Piece of cake. The icing on the cake. That takes the cake. Let them eat cake! You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Yes, cake. Besides you and your swirling groom, it’s the main attraction of the reception. After your ceremony, everyone will make their way to the reception barn where your incredible wedding cake will be waiting, in all its glory, to be admired, cut, smashed, and savored. And then savored again on your first wedding anniversary (er…well…sortof. We’ll get to that part later).

Not to overwhelm you here, but the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, they can probably make it for you. First you get to pick the size of the cake. Or at least you tell them how many people are in your guestlist and they’ll recommend a size for you. For 200 people you’ll probably be looking for a 3 tier cake. (Check out this handy guide: http://www.wilton.com/cakes/tiered-cakes/serving-amounts-150-200.cfm) That means you could have 3 different flavors if you wanted! And that’s just for the cake part. There’s also the filling between the layers to think about. Whoah.

Next, you get to choose what you want it to look like. Are you a traditional girl that likes round, cylinder shaped cakes? Or maybe you’d like to go for a more modern twist of offset squares? And colors are a factor here, too. White is the traditional wedding cake color (like wedding dresses), but they’re often adorned with pops of color like colored frosting or flowers (real (We can do those for you!) or sugar). And where will it sit? Does it get it’s own antique table to sit on with a burlap runner? Or what about a display piece? Or want to keep it low key and set it on a thick tree slice? Yeah, we like that, too.

And not to totally blow your mind or anything, but you get to pick out an entirely different cake for the groom’s cake!!! What!? Another cake entirely?! But, thankfully, they guys gladly chime in on this detail of wedding planning. We’ve seen it all from a full size duck sitting in a lily pond to a sheetcake size rounded/shaped can of his favorite¬† beverage. And there’s always golfballs and sports teams if that’s his speed, too.

And as if all that isn’t enough, you get to cut this gorgeous masterpiece in front of all your guests. (Her hand on top of his, slice straight down.) And then you get to make the mighty decision of how sweetly you will begin your marriage. Will it be a smash in the face kind of marriage with sweet kisses to follow, or just a sweet and gentle sharing of your cake kind of marriage?

Plus. Bonus, here. You get it eat it a year later. Yes, you have to devote half a shelf in your freezer to this lonely little cake top for an entire year to remind you of how sweet it was to begin your married life. And when you open it to get a taste on your first anniversary, it might not taste as sweet as it once did. And the cake might have lost it’s soft decadent texture, but you’ll eat it and enjoy the memory of choking down a stale old piece of cake with your favorite sweetheart. Because love is sweet, even when it isnt.