Good Things That Happen on Rainy Day Weddings


No bride dreams of walking down her Georgia wedding venue in the rain, but it does happen occasionally. If you want a specific wedding day, you may have to prepare for some rain.


Rainy weddings don’t mean doom and gloom for your big day, but there is something magical about rain on a wedding day. There is nothing like a light Georgia rain, and there are some positive things to look forward to if you think it will be raining at your Georgia wedding venue.

You Will Get One of a Kind Photos

Light rain often brings mist which can look stunning in your photo session. The gray lighting will show off the intricate design of your dress, and the colors of your wedding will pop more than they would on a sunny day. It creates an intimate feeling, making romance easy to spot in each picture.


Remember that even if you have a rainy wedding day, you can take post-wedding photos and get those sunrise pictures you have always wanted.

Your Flowers Will Survive the Day

On hot days flowers are sure to wilt, and there is no way to maintain the amount of water they get. On a rainy wedding day in Georgia, you won’t have to worry about buying artificial or silk flowers or having wilted flowers in pictures. This is a small blessing the Georgia rain brings to your big day.

Outside Allergies Will be Reduced

It makes a magical scene when it is nice, warm, and sunny at your Georgia wedding venue. However, it can be bad for allergies, and your guests may be uncomfortable. One of the best things about it being a bit rainy on your wedding day is that pollen will decrease. This is perfect for keeping your guests comfortable throughout the entire event.

You May See a Rainbow

What is more magical than seeing a rainbow on your rainy wedding day? After every passing cloud and raindrop, there is a chance that you can get the perfect wedding photos with a rainbow. This is something other brides won’t have or be able to get on a sunny day.

Your Wedding Vendors Will Pay Closer Attention

One advantage of wedding day rain is that your providers will go above and above to ensure everything runs well. After all, they want you to be pleased on your wedding day, so many of them will go above and beyond to ensure everything goes well.

Rainy Wedding Days May Mean Good Luck

As a symbol of fertility and purification in many cultures, a wet wedding day is welcomed by many. If it drizzles on your wedding day, take comfort in knowing that this is a harbinger of good fortune.

Rain Is More Memorable

We’ve all been to a wedding on a sunny day. However, if it rains on your big day, everyone will remember it. As you conquer obstacles, wet weather may add an element of enjoyment. Everyone will remember the rainbow at the end of the rainy day at your Georgia wedding venue.