If you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty chilly outside this week. It’s the time of year for chili, thick fuzzy socks, and snuggling under blankets on the couch with your sweetheart.
While you’re busy snuggling over the holidays, we want to challenge you to work on your marriage-to-be. Once you walk down the aisle, the party starts. It’s a glorious and beautiful day. Then the sun goes down and you drive off into your future with your sweetheart. And I that’s it. It’s just the two of you. Basically forever.
Photography by Tin Can Photography
Don’t get us wrong, there are definitely parts of a new marriage you can’t plan for, but how well do you know your fianc√©? Like, deep down know them? Here’s a quick little quiz to see how much you know:
Who was their first kiss?
What is one of their favorite childhood memories?
How many places have they lived?
What are they most likely to cling to during a mid life crisis?
What’s their favorite birthday cake flavor?
Did you answer all of them with certainty? Did you get him to check your answers?
If you got all 5 right, that’s awesome!! If not, maybe you should spend an hour or two to dig deeper into this relationship that’s about to begin and last for basically forever.
There isn’t really room for secrets in a strong marriage, so ask all the questions you can think of now. It’s much better to find out now and work through it than to wait until you’re dealing with the other demands and pressures of married life.
For fun, we’re linking to a blog post (by a wedding photographer, no doubt) with a list of questions you can go through while you’re snuggling over the holidays. It’s a great place to start but feel free to come up with your own questions.