Green Wedding Ideas for Your Summer Wedding


Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but it can also be one of the most wasteful. Of course, on your big day, you probably won’t consider the carbon footprint of the event, but that’s why you should think about it before your day while planning the event.


You don’t have to skip any gorgeous details or change your vision to host a green wedding. Your day can still look exactly the way you want but also be better for the environment than other weddings.


Our Georgia wedding venue will be the perfect location to host your green wedding this summer. Here are some ways you can plan an eco-friendly event.

Estate Jewelry

Every bride wants accessories, that’s a given. But not all jewelry is eco-friendly. Instead of going for something new, try going to an estate sale and buying second-hand, vintage, and totally unique jewelry.

Eco-Friendly Invitations

Invitations can be one of the most expensive things you spend your money on, and you’ll want them to look nice. This is someone’s first exposure and experience with your event; you want it to make a statement.


Unfortunately, this detail can also be one of the most wasteful for a wedding. Instead of using brand new paper, try using recycled paper invitations.


Or you can choose recycled paper that guests can use later on. For example, some invites now have spring and summer seeds in them. Guests can plant the paper and watch it grow into a small flower garden. This is a step to take for organic weddings too!

Use a Charity Registry

Not all couples want material gifts and a lot of them can be wasteful. If you are thinking about opting for no gifts at all, try using a charity registry.


Pick your favorite charity and ask your guests to donate in honor of your wedding. This will help you limit waste and make a huge difference in the world.

Use The Scenery as Decor

One of the best things about getting married in Georgia during the summer is that tons of venues will offer beautiful locations. Instead of using tons of decor, let the layout do the work.


The natural views are hard to replicate, and they can be way better for pictures. This helps you save money, and you’ll get something unique from other couples.

Donate Your Decor

If you absolutely need new decor for your summer wedding, you can still keep the environment in mind. Instead of trashing your decor, opt to donate it. Better yet, give it to a friend who is getting married too!

Toss Flowers as You Exit

Usually, guests throw rice as a couple exits but this isn’t the most environmentally friendly option. Use lavender or rose petals instead. They are biodegradable and smell amazing.


These options will also look stunning in your wedding photos, you’ll be happy you made the switch.