When you love your pets, you want to bring them everywhere with you. We understand that, and luckily many venues now offer options for you to incorporate pets at your wedding.  This is an untraditional way to keep your family all at the wedding and let’s face it, your dogs and cats are part of your family! So, why not have them included on your big day? Wedding dogs and wedding cats can be a fun little twist on your big day that makes your wedding stand out. Plus, adding your little furry friends into the wedding will guarantee some funny photos to cherish forever. 

Ideas To Incorporate Pets at Your Wedding

To incorporate your pets at your wedding, you need to first think about what you want. Should your dogs be on the bride’s side, groom’s side, or maybe find a way to make them the ring bearer or spread the flowers down the aisle. Here are some fun ideas you can choose from to incorporate pets at your wedding. 

Dog of Honor

Even if you aren’t doing a bridal party, you can have your wedding dog be the “maid of honor.” This is a cute way to honor your dog and get some cute photos on your big day. 

Best Man

Get that dog a bow tie and hold him up in pictures. Your little furry wedding dog or cat can be your best man and part of the party!

Add-In a Family Photo

Once you’ve said your vows, it’s time for family photos. Add your sweet puppy in the mix to remember them forever. This will be a special moment for you and them. 

First Dance

If you want your first dance to be with your dog, you can do that. Let your dog in on your first dance and take some funny photos of them with you. This is something that can be done if you are doing an outside reception. Depending on the venue, dogs and cats may have to stay outside. 

Get Ready With Your Cat

If you have a room away from the venue, you can bring your cat with you. This is an excellent way to change into your attire, take flattering photos, and incorporate pets into your wedding. 

When To Leave Your Pets at Home

Although you may want to bring your cat, dog, or bunny everywhere with you, sometimes it’s not a good idea. If you are having a massive reception or tons of people at your wedding, your pets may not like it. If you have anxious or easily stressed animals, it may be best to leave them at home. Some venues allow animals to be outside during your ceremony, but they cannot be in the rooms with you. This means you need to plan according to the venue you choose. Here are some ideas you can choose from when you can’t bring your pets. 

Kitty Cookies

Get a special decorator to bake cookies that look like your cat or dog. This is a fun way to include your loved ones even if you can’t bring them with you. 

Add Them To Your Vows

During your vows, you can mention your animals. You love them, and they are a part of your family. Your vows can be whatever you want them to be. 

Pictures and Table Numbers

Instead of traditional table numbers, use photos of your dogs. You can do a small photoshoot with your dog before the event and dress them up. A wedding dog can be a seriously funny picture, and so can a wedding cat.