Vintage weddings with rustic flair are all the rage these days. Signs made with pallets, mason jars for drinking glasses, and slices of trees serve as chargers. But what if that just isn’t you?

What if you’ve dreamed of an elegant ballroom wedding all your life, only to recently fall in love with the idea of having an outdoor wedding with a barn wedding reception? We get it. We totally do. Wedding magazines are dripping with shiny sparkles, soft flowing fabrics, and elegance. And cowboy boots aren’t everyone’s idea of wedding day fashion.

The awesome news is that we have created a neutral palette here at Spring Lake. It is outdoor. It can be rustic. It can be elegant. It can be somewhere in between. And it isn’t difficult to make the switch from one style to the next (especially with our new wooden chairs!).

Case Study: Check out this wedding. It’s elegant. It’s formal with the long head table in the center of the room. The napkins are properly folded, linens drape the tables and candles fill the room with dramatic ambiance. And overhead, our chandeliers are completing the look with some sparkles above. Our wall sconces accentuate the palette and bring the look altogether from the soft neutral colors and the dark wooden chairs.

Linens have a lot to do with creating elegance in a space like ours. The linens create fullness in the room and fill it with some glowing white. The napkins can be folded to designate different table types as seen above.

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Candles are a great element to use for elegant weddings. The high cylinder vases filled with water and floating candles give dramatic height to the room without overpowering the tables. And the lower candles adorning the tables give some depth and variety to the table scape.

And after you have linens and candles, all you need to complete the look is a few sprigs of greenery to bring a splash of life to the table and even deeper elegance. And menus placed at each setting are an inexpensive way to finish off the entire room with attention detail.

After you have a plan to decorate your elegant barn reception, you can mirror the idea to the ceremony location with similar greenery on our handmade cedar arch, and similar candle arrangements accenting the important areas of the ceremony location (like maybe a table displaying programs and fans or bottles of water?). And you might even drape a napkin or two over the first couple of rows of pews to designate family only.

It doesn’t take very much to create a classic elegant wedding here at Spring Lake. It’s the best of both worlds: formal elegance and outdoor beauty.