Tips On Giving Wedding Speeches

Giving a speech at any event can be intimidating, but when your best friend is getting married, it can be a fun thing to do. But how do you speak to a whole crowd? What do you do when you don’t know all of the attendees?


We have collected some of the best tips on giving a wedding speech from some of our favorite Georgia weddings.


Keep reading to find out what you should include in a wedding speech and how to nail it during the ceremony. It’s time to start practicing your speech for your favorite Georgia couple.

Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Wedding Speech

One thing that all great wedding speeches have in common is a smooth delivery. Consider these suggestions as you seek your own natural rhythm.

Open With a Statement or a Question

Being nervous is normal but starting off by saying you’re nervous creates a very one-sided dialogue. The point of a wedding speech is to get the conversation flowing and the room’s mood boasted. Start off with a funny statement or question to get everyone laughing and celebrating.

Always Address Your Audience

You’ll become nervous when you focus on yourself, making the experience much more intense. Instead, focusing on your audience allows you to customize the experience to ensure they’re having a good time. It takes the focus off of you. This is a good tip for any thought-out speech and will help you even when just talking in front of a group of people.

Find the Key Points

Each speech should be focused on a few key points; this will help you stick to the topic and keep it short. Pick out three things about the newlyweds that you love and share stories about them.

The Best Things to Keep in Mind for a Wedding Speech

The next time it’s your turn to speak at a Georgia wedding, you can use these tips to get through it. Focus on these three key points for your wedding speech, or actually, any speech!

Keep Rehearsing

The more prepared you feel about your speech, the more confident you will appear to the audience. Practice your speech to remember the three points you want to make and stick with them.


When you memorize your speech, you won’t have to look at your cards for the whole wedding speech! When you use your notes less, you will appear much more confident. It makes it seem natural and comfortable. Wedding speeches don’t have to be scary.

Stay Away From the Wine

At many Georgia weddings, you will find there are nice wines available. However, when you’re giving a speech, it is best to stay away from drinking! Staying sober is the best way to keep the nerves at bay and get through your wedding speech without hiccups.

Keep It Short

Anything too long will bore the guests and make you more nervous than you already are. A wedding speech should be short, simple, and funny. Keep it between three and five minutes.