What To Do If Your and Your Partner Can’t Agree On Wedding Style


There is no doubt when you start planning your Georgia wedding it can become stressful very easily. When you first get engaged you should take time for just you and your spouse to enjoy each other and not worry about planning.


During this time get a feel for each other’s style and what their dreams are. This will help you when you start planning. If you are beginning the process and you and your fiancé can’t seem to agree on a wedding style, there are a few tips you may try.


Above all else, remember to not get angry. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and grumpy when things aren’t going your way and this negative energy will only make things worse.


Try out these tips next time you and your spouse don’t agree on something. It may help you figure out what to do with your Georgia wedding venue.

Take a Deep Breath

Something as silly as cake flavors can be stressful when you’re planning out a wedding. Maybe you don’t like the same flavors and you thought you’d choose just one flavor together during the tasting. It’s not always that easy.


Instead of getting frustrated, take a deep breath. During the planning process, you will get to know your spouse a little better and learn what they like and dislike. It’s okay to tell vendors you will think about things for a bit longer.

Work on Communication

During the planning months of your wedding, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your spouse and their family. The first few months can be stressful to manage but working on how you communicate first will save you a lot of stress in the future.

Find a Happy Medium

Sometimes you will not be able to sway your spouse no matter how convincing you try to be. Always opt for the middle ground. Try to incorporate both of your wants. For example, if it is about wedding cake and you both love two flavors, go for cupcakes! No one says you need one massive cake all the same flavor.

Explain Your Side Without Getting Defensive

It can hurt when your loved one doesn’t like what you like. Maybe you can’t agree on the flowers but the ones you chose have a special meaning to you. Explain what these flowers mean to you. Again, if you can’t sway your partner don’t fret. Maybe you can use these flowers in your bouquet or even your hair!

Be Flexible

This is the best time to understand why flexibility is important in life. You will want things a specific way, but you need to learn what your vendors can do and what your partner in life wants. Flexibility is crucial while planning your wedding.

Learn About Wedding Styles

There are various wedding styles you can choose from, and it will be crucial to explore all options when you start planning. You will see wedding themes, and wedding styles, and you may find something that both you and your loved one like.