Let’s talk rehearsal dinners. They’re like the pre-party where your favorite people all get together and hang out for a few hours.

If your wedding is at Spring Lake, you’ll have 2 hours to kick off your wedding weekend with the rehearsal on Friday. You’ll all go over the schedule and practice walking down the aisle in perfect timing. That will probably take all of 30 minutes (unless you’re dealing with pre-partying groomsmen or bashful flower girls). That still leaves over an hour for more festivities!

You’ll probably want to feed those people who have been so kind to spend time and money preparing for your wedding (think: dress/suit, shoes, lodging, travel, an entire weekend dedicated to you and your fiancé). You could take them to a nearby restaurant, but let’s be honest; that’s so 2005. Why not bring in a food truck and feed your peeps in style?

That’s right. A food truck. They’re totally hip right now and you can get all kinds of food options. Loving mexican? There’s a food truck for that. Classically southern barbecue? Yep, one for that. Hot dogs, you say? Check! If you’re a local Atlantan, you probably already know about the Food Truck Park. All those trucks have a route they carry and if you ask, they just might swing by your rehearsal to dish out their delectable fares. And if one of those don’t suit your fancy, these guys might be able to help you find the perfect fit. Their mission is to bring the food truck culture to Atlanta, and they have an entire page dedicated to food truck catering.

It’s so easy to bring in a food truck, too. They bring all the necessary paper goods and utensils (if there are any), and truck right out leaving nothing but tire tracks. They’re used to the mobility and know how to handle a crowd. They usually don’t even need power, so you can park them anywhere!

And if you don’t mind us going off topic for a second…what about using a food truck for your wedding sweets? If you’re looking for a traditional wedding cake alternative, there are food trucks out there who specialize in sweet treats. Cupcakes are another fun wedding trend at the moment, and yep, you guessed it! There’s a food truck for cupcakes, too! Been to Italy (or not) and love gelato but looking for a Southern version?? How about hiring honeysuckle gelato for a post cake cutting treat? Gourmet popsicles for a hot summer wedding? Yes!!! And this is only scratching the surface!

And, if this entire post has you so excited to have a food truck host your venue, but you aren’t sure 2 hours is enough to rehearse and eat, you can always add on an extra hour and table/chair setup for $250. That comes out 3 totally awesome hours to hang out with your greatest and closest friends and family.

We’re loving this trend so much because it’s easy for brides and grooms (and their families who might be paying for part of it) to have an easy, but delicious, rehearsal dinner (or wedding dessert) experience.