It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we (try to) slow down to create some memories and remember what’s truly important in life. It’s also a time of year to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us. It’s also the perfect time of year to ask your best friend to marry you, which is why we’re entering engagement season yet again. That’s why we’re putting together our very favorite tips for what to do if you’re recently engaged.

First off, if there’s an engagement in your near future (or recent past), congratulations!!! What an exciting time in your life. The engagement period is so exciting and full of hope. And yes, we know, there are a ton of things being added to your todo list, too. So, grab your favorite peppermint mocha and take a few minutes to start off on the right track.

First. You need a complete todo list. We like this wedding planning tool from Wedding Wire. It’s really flexible and you can customize your own task list.


And if you need just a quick overview to get you started, this one is pretty handy:


The only thing we need to add to most timelines is that you need to book your venue ASAP!!! We’re already booking well into 2017, so once you’ve taken a look around the venues in the area, you want to go ahead and reserve it as soon as you find Spring Lake your dream venue. (Ahem!) Even if it’s 16 months early, it’s best to be early and get the wedding date you want than to wait for what the generic timeline recommends. And, the flip side of this coin is that if you only have 6 months to plan your wedding, don’t rule out giving us a call. We get cancellations all the time and if you are on top of it, you can snag one of those weekends up until about 4 months out. And sometimes we even offer a discount on cancelled weekends. Your best bet is to watch our Facebook page to see the news or give Renty a call to check. 770-377-6962.

After you have your venue reserved and the rest of your budget set, it’s all fun and games! Thankfully, when you reserve Spring Lake, you’re also choosing a caterer and florist. And we are in the perfect price point for budget vintage weddings but offer flexibility for luxurious barn weddings.  Life is good here at The Lake.

There you have it. That’s our very favorite tips for what to do if you’re getting engaged over this holiday season. We’ll be back next week with the rest of the plan after you reserve your dream wedding venue.