If you’re looking for the perfect place in Georgia for a vintage wedding, we’ve got just the place for you. If you’re looking for a wedding venue with authentic vintage church pews, we know where to find them. And if you’re wanting a place surrounded with nothing but natural beauty, we’ve got the perfect place in mind. And if you dream of a wedding venue where you can wear cowboy (or cowgirl) boots and a lacy wedding dress…well, you know. Our wedding venue is a refreshing sip of Southern sweet tea when it comes to Georgia vintage weddings. Yep, that’s right. We’ve got Southern charm and vintage flair hiding in all the right places around our wedding venue. We’re going to highlight a few of the vintage elements that we just love in today’s blog post. But remember, these are just the highlights!

Let’s talk about the outside of our Georgia vintage wedding venue. We’ve got the cutest little red canoe that you ever did see floating on our spring-fed lake. There’s a cute rusty bicycle leaning against a tree, just like you probably left in the front yard ten or maybe 15 years ago. We have hand-made signs to show your guests the way through our venue. We love our red screened-in gazebo on the lake. It’s decorated with the perfect vintage fishing decor that you’d want to see right by the lake, and it’s complete with not one, but two swings and extra seating. There’s even a dock for photos and a squeaky (okay…it’s not that squeaky, it just looks squeaky) screen door. It has it’s own little entry area complete with an American flag (we love our veterans!). And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the old man of a truck. He’s old, creaky, and definitely rusty, but he’s been good to us, so we’re good to him. Wedding photographers looove using him for fun photos on wedding day.

Photography by Graceology

And now, for the inside of the venue. If you walk up the front steps of the rustic wedding barn, you’ll be graced with some of the most attractive landscaping you’ve seen in Georgia. We’ve deliberately chosen natural (but well-taken care-of) plantings in our landscape areas to greet you on your way into the reception barn. And speaking of deliberately, our reception barn was carefully designed to meet all your needs on wedding day. We didn’t convert a rickety old barn into a wedding venue, we just made a new one to look vintage. We built this beauty from scratch to meet every wedding need you have. From getting ready in separate suites decorated in vintage and rustic decor items, to a kitchen made for a caterer, all the way down to taking advantage of the summer breezes with the perfect vintage-looking barn-door openings, we have created this place for you. We’ve adorned the high tin ceilings with awesome chandeliers, boats, and sparkling grapevines. And on the ground level, there are vintage light fixtures, vintage accent furniture pieces, and our vintage-inspired sofa. Have you seen it in the photos? Yep. That’s here for you to use, too!

Gah! We know you’re so excited to have your Georgia vintage wedding at Spring Lake, you want to get married right now!!¬†Unfortunately we’re almost booked for the entire year, but you do need to give us a call right now to reserve your 2016 wedding date with us. 770.377.6962