Check out this pin we found on Pinterest of an aisle design. Did you know you could totally do this at Spring Lake?! We even have awesome vintage pews, a cedar arch, and a lake to enhance the whole scene. Let’s chat about how to achieve this look. What d’ya say?

First off….did you know you can rent stuff for weddings. Think beyond the normal chairs and tables scenario (you don’t really need to rent those here at Spring Lake, anyway because they’re already included). Think antique furniture, darling vintage accents, amazing fabric, or super fun props for your theming.

Yep. That’s right, and even old whisky barrels. Or wine barrels. Or probably even cracker barrels. And to make the deal even sweeter, rental prices usually aren’t so bad. And if you find a good company, they’ll deliver and remove the item for you. Awesome!!!! One less thing to worry about on your wedding day (or the day before).

And instead of using two barrels at the front of the aisle, you can just use our cedar arch to hold the floral arrangements. That means you could just rent two barrels, then use our cedar arch (More dollars saved there!). That only leaves the flowers now!

The next step to getting this look (after you pick out your two barrels) is to give our florist a ring. That’s right. She’ll help you pick out the perfect southern fall floral palette. Going off this photo, we’re guessing she’ll suggest some classic fall yellow mums to line the aisle (maybe drop them into some cool apple baskets or something?). That would make it so you could use the shepherd hooks for lanterns with candles. Since it is fall, you’ll probably want to give off a warm and comforting vibe, and candles are just the trick!

After you get the aisle design figured out, she’ll probably ask if you want peach roses as the base for your bouquet (like the flowers on the barrel to the right). Then she’ll work her magic and make the other large floral elements to adorn the front and back of the aisle with some deep wine red accents, creamy yellow bursts of color, and a subdued peach to soften the arrangements and complement the other flowers in your palette.

And one last thing to think about is what kind and color of petals will your flower girl drop down the aisle? Maybe you want to make it more southern casual and use the mums as the dropped flowers. They would look like adorable little yellow buttons sprinkled down the aisle. Or if you want it to be a more elegant affair, you might want to go with the peach roses like you have in your bouquet. But we’re thinking your best bet would be to leave it up to our florist. She’s a total expert and will know just the perfect flower and color for every element.