Pros and Cons of a Wedding Weekend


Many couples today choose to celebrate their wedding over more than one day. This lets them spend more time with their friends and family and really share the joy of their marriage with them.


If you are hosting a summer or destination wedding, it’s time to think about adding in other events. Wedding weekends are fun ways to spend extra time with family and friends, and here is everything you need to know about them.

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Pros of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

When you can spend more than one day with your family and friends doing fun activities to celebrate your new marriage it creates life-time memories. Here are some of the reasons more couples are choosing to host a full weekend of wedding activities.

More Time With Friends

If you only get to see your friends on special occasions, this is the best choice for you! This allows you to get more one-on-one time rather than only spending a few minutes with each person.


It allows you to give and get quality time with each family member all while doing something fun with everyone.

Your Guests Have Less Planning To Do

If your guests are from out of town and are making a trip out of your wedding, it allows them to plan less and see more. They don’t have to figure out what to do every single day; they can just show up to what you have planned.


Having several activities planned allows your guests to mingle, meet new people, and connect for longer periods of time.

It Creates a Fun Guest Experience

This is a way to allow each person to experience something new. It is an immersive and fun way to enjoy a wedding. Smaller intimate gatherings can happen a few times throughout the weekend and special events can be planned where people can come if they want.

The Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend

Even just one day of the wedding requires a great deal of preparation, and adding a weekend of festivities just adds to the burden and expense. Keep in mind the following drawbacks as you consider your alternatives.

The Cost is High

Even a one day celebration can be very expensive but the more activities you add into your weekend the higher the cost will be. If you have a strict budget you are supposed to stick to, then a wedding weekend may be the wrong choice for you.

Lower Attendance Rates

Longer weddings mean lower attendance rates. This may mean that some of your loved ones won’t show up or be able to take all of the time off for your events.

Less Downtime

You will have many things to plan and that can mean less down time while planning your wedding. During this process you will need to learn how to manage your stress and take the time for self care because you will be incredibly busy planning for your guests.