If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, add this topic to your research list!


Why Should You Get Event Insurance?

No one likes to talk about “what if’s” when it comes to their wedding but this little topic could save you a lot of headache & money if your big day were to encounter the unforeseen. Coverage for your wedding and reception is relatively inexpensive and some carriers offer it with $0 deductible.


How Does Event Insurance Work?

No 2 insurance policies are the same, and event insurance is no exception. A policy to protect your wedding varies widely depending on what you chose to insure, and for how much. In most cases, you can add event insurance to your current homeowners policy. If that option doesn’t work for your situation, the policy can also be purchased as a stand-alone to cover the event.

When planning your wedding, include researching this topic on your To Do list. A policy can be purchased 24-72 hours prior to the event depending on the insurance carriers requirements so you won’t have to make a decision right away.  Coverage takes effect immediately but its a good idea to talk with an agent ahead of time to be sure that no requirements are overlooked.


What does it Cover?

Liability, Cancelation or Postponement are the typical event policy umbrellas. It can could cover medical expenses resulting from an injury of a guest or vendor. If your wedding is postponed or canceled you could receive reimbursement for lost deposits or additional funds owed to vendors.  If damages occur to the venue or rented equipment, event insurance could protect you from paying out of pocket for repairs. This type of insurance can cover your specialty jewelry against loss, theft or damage. Specific coverages can even protect you if a photographer or videographer no-shows on the day of you wedding. If  your photographer no-shows, fails to produce photos or if your original files are lost or damaged, you could be compensated for the cost of having official wedding photos taken.


How Do I Get Event Insurance for My Outdoor Wedding?

Contact your current insurance company, first. Ask them if you can tack on coverage for your wedding to your current policy.  If you don’t have a current insurance policy or your current company doesn’t offer this type of coverage, no need to worry. Local insurance agents in our area are available to work with you. They are familiar with our venue which can make the process goes smoother for you.


Will Choosing An Outdoor Venue Effect The Price?

The type of venue that you chose to get married has no effect on the price of event insurance. As an outdoor wedding venue, we go the extra mile (lots & lots of extra miles, actually) to ensure our facility is safe. We consider unpredictable weather conditions and do our best to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. The pricing for event insurance could be considered much like insurance for your car; there is liability only, full coverage and pretty much everything in between.. the price is based largely on what you choose to cover and for how much.


It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind. Choosing to purchase Event Insurance for your wedding could be the best investment you make.