Did you get engaged this past weekend for Valentine’s Day? Congratulations! You’re definitely not alone! You’re in great company with 5,999,998 other people who got engaged last week, including Lady Gaga. Do you plan on making a nod to your Valentine’s Day engagement during your wedding? Or what about your non-Valentine’s Day engagement? We’ve seen couples do all kinds of creative things to acknowledge the first step in their marriage: engagement.

Incorporating memories from your engagement (or your relationship) is a great way to personalize your wedding. It can give you fun ideas to theme an element of your big day, and make it so much more meaningful than finding an idea on pinterest to copy (though we love that, too!!). It will be something that only you and your spouse share together (because no one else said “yes” at the exact same time and place as you!), and you can let all your closest friends and family in on the fun! They’ll love hearing the story of how he popped the question, and including a momento or special element from your engagement will help your guests feel like they’re part of your story. And they’ll probably love that.

We’ve seen tons of great ideas of ways to incorporate engagements (and relationships) into weddings.

You could provide your guests with a momento as a favor. Did you get engaged at a special place? What about providing favors to your guests with a matchbook or glass from there? Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day? Conversation hearts might be a cute way to relive the memories.

Maybe you could provide your guests with an experience similar to the one you shared the day you got engaged (e.g. did you get engaged at the park and play Frisbee golf before the picnic dinner where he proposed? You could set up a mini Frisbee golf course on wedding day or even a picnic themed dessert bar with some of the treats you shared on your picnic.)


Photography by James Paul Photography
You could wear a token of your engagement. Did he propose after a fun night of bowling out on the town? You could kick off those ceremony heels or flats and dance the night away in some bowling shoes!

You could take guests there with a flavor reminiscent of your engagement. Did you have Italian fare the evening of your engagement? How about adding tiramisu to the dessert bar?

You could incorporate flowers from your engagement. We’ve seen brides use dried rose petals to dust the aisle from flowers they received when they got engaged.

There are tons of ways to celebrate your engagement long after the day has passed. Thankfully, Spring Lake provides the perfect canvas for you to completely customize your wedding day!