If you have a tight budget for your wedding day, you’re not alone. There are so many couples that want to have an amazing wedding on a smaller budget and it’s entirely possible. If you’re looking for some easy ways you can save money, this blog is for you.

Your Wedding Budget

Making a wedding budget is one of the first things that many couples do. Having a budget can be an excellent way to narrow down your decision and make sure that everyone’s on the same page about how much money should be spent. When it comes to making a wedding budget, it’s important to have clear numbers and leave some extra room if you’re not sure how much something might cost.

If you’re feeling discouraged after putting your budget together, know that there are so many different things you can do to save money.

Get a Credit Card

One popular option that many people are doing is opening a credit card they can specifically use for wedding expenses. By putting all of your expenses on this card, you can gain reward points. If you have a credit card that gives miles as its reward, then you can use those miles for your honeymoon.

Comprehensive Location

If you have two separate locations (one for your wedding and one for your reception) then you’ll most likely have to pay more for vendors. By choosing a wedding venue that can host your entire day, you’ll be able to save money and keep everything organized in one place.

No Envelope Liners

Sending wedding invitations can get expensive fast and it’s a cost that many couples don’t prepare adequately for if you’re looking to save money on your invitations, considering not including an envelope liner. This is a small detail that can be surprisingly expensive, so eliminating it can be a great way to save some money.

Extended Timeline

Giving yourself enough time to plan is important. Not having a long enough timeline for preparing could end up costing you money, as many vendors will have rush fees and you may not be able to get your dress in time. If you’re looking to avoid rush fees, be sure that you’re making all of the important decisions months in advance and that you’re clearly communicating with your vendors about what you want.


Flowers can quickly become very expensive, but there are multiple different ways you can save in this area. One great way to cut costs when it comes to flowers is by choosing blooms that are in-season. If there aren’t any in-season flowers that you like, consider a year-round option.


Another possibility is finding flowers that are local. You’ll most likely be able to save on transport expenses when you choose local blooms and they’ll also be very fresh. Finding ways to save money on flowers can be a great option, so consider speaking with your florist about different choices.