Whether you’re on a budget or you just like to do things yourself, there are so many reasons why DIY wedding decorations are a good idea. Let’s go over a few things that you can do to add a personal touch to your special day.

Making DIY Wedding Decorations

There are a few different wedding decorations that you can easily DIY. Making these wedding decorations yourself gives you a high level of control and it can also save you money. Are you ready to go over some DIY decorations to consider making?


Having a professional florist do your wedding flowers can be extremely expensive and there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the results that you want. Many people don’t realize that they can do their flowers themselves, but this can be a great option.


Doing some research online and having pictures of what you’re looking for are excellent ways to make sure that you’re on the right track and guide your flower purchases. Flowers are often a big part of wedding day decorations, so consider if doing your flowers yourself could be the right option for your big day.


If you’re going to be doing your wedding flowers yourself, keep in mind that you likely won’t be able to make them far ahead of time. Making sure that you have enough time carved out to arrange the flowers and make everything you need to is important, so carve out some time before your big day to do this.


Centerpieces are a great option that you can easily make yourself. There are so many different centerpiece options, so you can choose one that you can replicate yourself. Making your own centerpieces is an especially great choice if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re going to be making your centerpieces yourself, consider getting some more supplies than you need. Making more of a certain thing than you need is always a good idea if you’re going to be doing it yourself.

Paper Flowers

If you’re not going to have natural flowers, then paper flowers can be an excellent option. One great aspect of paper flowers is that you can make them ahead of time and they’ll last for a long time. If you want to have a keepsake from your wedding, then paper flowers could be the right option.


Making paper flowers gives you so many choices, from their size to their color. You can even spray something scented on them to give them a great smell and make them similar to real flowers.

Photo Displays

Many people choose to have creative photo displays at their reception and this is something that you can easily do yourself. If you’re going to be doing photo displays yourself, you can make them ahead of time and keep them even after your reception. Some people choose to give away their photo displays to wedding guests that are especially close to them.