When you start planning your wedding, you will have hundreds of details to take care of, and it is easy to miss some crucial details. Even small micro weddings have tons of details and planning that can seem like an enormous amount of pressure. 


As a bride or groom, it is important you take planning day by day. As you start, pay attention to these few details that seem to always fall through the cracks. 

Create a Plan B for Weather

Every bride and groom dreams of getting married on a perfect day. However, sometimes it can be hard to plan around the weather. Occasional storms do happen, and if you are planning an outside Georgia venue, this is something you should think about. 


If you and your spouse are okay with rain, buy umbrellas just in case. This can help keep you prepared and also help create stunning wedding photos. 

Think About Sunsets

You will want to remember your wedding for the rest of your life. That includes taking gorgeous photos. One of the go-to wedding photoshoots is to do it at sunset, but you will have to determine when that is. 


It can be hard to capture the sun at the right angle if you are having a morning ceremony and a reception right after this. You may have to plan this step out in advance or find the general time of sunset to accomplish this. 

Budget in Gratuity 

It may seem like a crazy idea to pay more on top of what you are already paying for, but tips are a big part of the wedding day. This is often overlooked but essential to keep in mind when you are creating a wedding budget. 


You may not have to tip the venue or all of the workers for the wedding; however, some people will be expecting tips. It is essential to read every contract and find out who adds in gratuity and who is not expecting any.

Setting Up Extra Seats

No matter how well you plan an event, someone will always invite someone else. You should prepare extra seats for unexpected guests. 


This means you should prepare seats for the ceremony and the reception. Sometimes it is a good idea to have the venue store extra chairs in an easily accessible location for the event. 

Invitation Postage

Every single invitation you choose will have a different weight and this means you need to figure out the appropriate postage for each. If an invitation is too heavy it may need more than one stamp. 


If you feel that your invitations are going to need more than one stamp it may be worth heading to the post office to find out. This way you can buy more stamps if needed. 

Change Of Clothing

Once the pictures are done, you may want a change of clothes or even a reception dress. Before you leave for the next location you may want to change into something more comfortable. 


Bringing a change of clothes can be something many brides do not think of. If you and your spouse plan on going somewhere after the event, you may not want to ride there in your tux and wedding gown. 

A Do Not Play List – A Wedding Planning Essential!

You may have a list of songs you absolutely want to play at your wedding, but don’t forget about the songs you hate. You may not know this but many DJs will take the songs you love and find similar styles. 


These songs can be a hit or miss. If you have songs you despise it is important to tell the DJ.