If you’re in the stages of the wedding planning process, you may be wondering what the current wedding trends are. Let’s dive into this further and discuss some trends to consider incorporating into your big day.

Current Wedding Trends

Wedding trends can be helpful to examine during the planning process, as they can act as inspiration and give you lots of ideas. Below you’ll find some of our favorite current wedding trends.

Bohemian Style

Weddings with a bohemian style are becoming more and more popular. One of the great things about a bohemian look is that it’s okay if some things aren’t perfect. If you’re going for a relaxed wedding day, then a bohemian vibe could be the perfect solution. Don’t be afraid to incorporate wildflowers and deep colors into your big day!


Rust is one of the most popular colors that’s showing up in many weddings. Especially for a fall or winter wedding, making rust one of your main colors is an excellent way to incorporate the season. If you’re not sure how to bring rust into your big day, consider your bridesmaid dresses or the tablecloths at your reception.

Ceremony Time

The days of hour-long ceremonies seem to be over. Today, many couples are opting for a much shorter option. This is a great way to make your ceremony minimal and only include the things that matter most to you.


Especially if you’re going to be having an outdoor wedding, shortening the ceremony time can be a great idea. On days when the weather may be unpredictable, you’ll be glad that you’re opting for a more minimal ceremony option. But remember… To each their own!


If you’re going to be writing your own vows, make sure to add that into your ceremony time. Some couples prefer to write only a few lines, while others may have pages. Making sure that both people getting married are on the same page about their vows can be important.

Pink, Pink, Pink

Did you know that pink is making a comeback? Some couples are choosing to feature pink on their wedding day and we’re pretty much obsessed. If you’re wanting to have a feminine wedding, then adding touches of pink throughout your big day is the perfect way to do so.


Do you want to incorporate pink on your big day but don’t want it to be a focal point? Consider getting robes that are pink for your bridal party to get ready in or having some pink flowers in your bouquet.


When it comes to picking out what colors you’re incorporating into your wedding, it’s important to think about the overall vibes and tone of your big day. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Do you want the tone of your big day to be more relaxed? Are you asking your guests to follow a specific dress code? Thinking about these things can be an excellent way to narrow down all of your different color options.