So you’re engaged, and planning a wedding. One of the biggest decisions you have to make now is what decorations to choose for your ceremony and what type of flowers match your style. This task can become easily overwhelming but it doesn’t have to! Below we have compiled a list of ideas for ceremony decorations and things to consider when meeting with your florist.

Ceremony Decorations for Cedar Arch

Garland & Silk

The cedar arch at our ceremony site is magnificent all by itself and requires no additional decorations to make a statement for your wedding. If you decide to adorn it with additional features, garland and silk (satin) fabric are an excellent choice.


Floral Arrangement & Curtain or Drape

Another great option for decorating the cedar wedding arch is a large floral arrangement on one corner and draping the other with a sheer curtain or fabric. This type of decoration is especially great if there is a large height difference between bride & groom.


Full Floral Crown

If you’re a bride working with a large budget, consider having your florist create an arrangement to crown the arch. As you can image, this requires a large number of flowers but the end result is magnificent! Totally worth it!


Fabric & Lanterns

For Fall weddings, choosing ceremony decorations that complement the aging foliage can be more limiting than other seasons. But draping the arch in a sheer fabric and arranging large lanterns to balance the willow tree is just the ticket!



To Decorate the Antique Pews or Not

Decorating the church pews at our ceremony site is an expense that can easily be saved without sacrificing any bit of charm. These ¬†pews have so much character all by themselves! If you’re looking for a great way to utilize a floral arrangement more than once, have you florist create an elegant drape for the end of the pew. This style of arrangement can easily become part of your reception decor as well!


Aisle Decorations for your Ceremony

Flower Petals

This traditional ceremony decoration is a classic, no doubt. Lining the aisle with fresh rose petals is a sure fire way to add the perfect touch to your wedding ceremony. To achieve an elegant style, adding a cluster of candles at the base of alternating pews is a simple detail that makes for a dreamy ceremony.


Hang Lanterns for Simple Ceremony Decor

Looking for a simple or minimalist vibe for your ceremony? Hanging lanterns with candles in them (real or LED) makes for beautiful wedding decor! If the lantern by itself seems a little too simple for your taste, try alternating with small arrangements. This is a great way to stretch your budget and still achieve the style you’ve been dreaming of.


Mason Jars & Shepherd Hooks

Here is another spin on the lantern idea! The Shepherd hooks lining the aisle are incredibly versatile and make it easy (an affordable) to add decorations to your ceremony without breaking the bank. We’ve seen mason jars filled with almost everything you can imagine, lining the aisle way, and honestly it never gets old! Baby’s breath, candles, mums, hydrangeas, you name it!


Perhaps one of the things that makes Spring Lake the best outdoor wedding venue is our decor cabin. When you book a wedding at our venue, you have exclusive access to a quaint cabin tucked back in the woods FULL of decor. Whether your style is elegant, boho, traditional or anything in between, we have pieces that will suit your needs.