Country music and weddings (especially outdoor weddings) pretty much go hand in hand. New country love songs being released almost weekly and the classics will never go out of style. So how do you choose the best country song for your first dance? This is a great opportunity to reflect on your relationship and really consider some of the attributes it has. For some, choosing a first dance song is a “no brainer.” Maybe you and your love bug have shared a song since day one, or maybe you’ve both dreamed of the same song forever. Chances are, if you’ve found this post its because you haven’t quite figured out which song suits you best. You’re in luck! We’ve listened to hundreds of new releases and old classics to compile a list of the very best country love songs for the first dance at your wedding.

Top 10 Best Country Songs For Your First Dance

1. At Last – Etta James

I feel like this song should be at the top of every wedding song “must have” list, ever written. Now I know what you’re thinking… Etta James, this isn’t country! While Mrs. James, is in fact, not by nature “country” this song hits every characteristic of a country love song and is truly one of the most iconic wedding songs of all time.

2. Millionaire – Chris Stapleton

Perhaps one of the very best details about this song is that it reminds us how valuable love is, all by itself. If you’re looking for a meaningful country song for the first dance as husband & wife, look no further, Chris Stapleton has you covered.

3. Cover Me Up – Morgan Wallen

The song “Cover Me Up” was written and originally recorded by the overwhelmingly talented Jason Isbell. It has since been covered by numerous different musicians across many genres including, none other than Morgan Wallen. Cover Me Up has got to be one of the most romantic first dance songs that you could choose!

4. I Swear – John Michael Montgomery

Another classic, John Michael Montgomery covers all the basics with this one and then some! You literally cannot go wrong by choosing this song for your first dance.

5.  It’s Your Love – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Tim & Faith, I mean really, does it get any more romantic that them?! “It’s Your Love” will have all of your guests in tears watching your first dance as husband & wife.

6. You Make It Easy – Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean released this song in February 2018 and just in time for it to become one of the most played first dance songs for that year. If you haven’t found the right song to make your first dace memorable, listen to this song!

7. I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

“I Don’t Dance” is an excellent twist on the traditional love song for a first dance. It is fast paced enough to keep the energy of the room up and moving but is no doubt one of the sweetest country songs for the first dance.

8. Forever & Ever Amen – Randy Travis

Another classic here, Randy Travis really outdid himself with this song released in 1987. The commitment made to each other during the wedding ceremony is reiterated in this song. As you sway together as husband & wife, the sincerity of this true country song will make for the absolute best first dance.

9. I Cross My Heart – George Straight

Can you really make a list of any “best” country songs and not include one from the country king?! No.. the answer is no. King George has written too many genuine love songs to count, several of which would be the best country first dance song. “I Cross My Heart” made it on our list because of one iconic verse. “From here on after, Let’s stay the way we are right now, and share all the love & laughter that a lifetime will allow.” What an incredible sentiment to share as newly weds.. we have chills!

10. Dancing Away With My Heart – Dillon Charmichael

Last but most definitely not least on our list is Dillon Charmichael’s “Dancing Away With My Heart.” The powerful guitar in this song is very commanding and while the sound of the song won’t speak to everyone, those looking for a WOW provoking country first dance song, will find it here!


I hope this list provides you with ideas to find the right country song to celebrate your first dance. As a venue that has witnessed upwards of 800 weddings, we’ve seen countless first dances. We’re here to tell you, regardless of what you choose for your first dance song, the memories you share in that moment will last a lifetime. Check out some other songs to add to your wedding playlist here and what songs NOT to play at your wedding!