So we were shopping on Craigslist the other day and came across some shabby chic wedding items for sale. Totally cool! So, we clicked the link, and you’ll never believe what the first picture was of. It was a table in a conference/ballroom. Ick. And they had a burlap runner. In a ballroom. Now, we’re all about burlap and mason jars, but they don’t exactly belong in a ballroom, if you ask us.


We think there’s something to be said for authenticity, and you definitely get that here at Spring Lake. On any given day (other than a Saturday or Sunday), you’re very likely to drive up and see a tractor sitting out front at Spring Lake as we work to maintain the land around the venue. We really do fish out of the pond when you’re not here, and we’ve even been known to hunt the fields right next to the venue. The gorgeous field that is the entrance for our horse-drawn carriages is a corn field, and we’ve reserved the best spot on our property for you. We put the wedding venue portion of our property in the bottom of the valley, overlooking the lake. It’s where you get the best breezes in the summer, and the best sunsets in the evenings. Try getting that in some stuffy ballroom somewhere.

We’ve brought you the best of both worlds. It’s an indoor venue when you need it to be, like when you’re getting ready and needing some air conditioning. And it’s an outdoor venue when you want it to be, like during your ceremony. And, since we created this place to be a wedding venue, you know the details are taken care of. Converted barns sometimes have dirt floors or they lack a kitchen for your caterer. And working barns are surrounded by gravel. We have a gorgeous, lush, grassy area right outside the barn that you can use to seat extra people (if you need to bring in extra tables for the kids or something) or just use for photos. You get rustic luxury.

And not only can we accommodate the rustic and vintage side of weddings, but if you’re looking for an elegant outdoor venue, we can do that, too. We’ve had a number of weddings here at Spring Lake without one hint of burlap or mason jars. Our cedar arch and pews around the ceremony area are incredibly elegant and eco-friendly. And once you get into the reception barn, you can add the perfect touch of sparkle (we already have some) to have the wedding of your dreams.

So, whatever type of wedding you’re planning, we hope you’re looking into a venue that will carry the ideal of your wedding through to completion. Don’t settle for a ballroom if you’re really wanting an outdoor pavilion. Our wedding venue packages are more affordable than you’d think. Go have a look.