One thing you may not think about often is understanding what skincare steps you should take before your wedding. You need to decide what look you’re going for, if you are doing makeup, facials, or you are doing any pre-wedding cosmetic injectables. 


What are cosmetic injectables? These include getting botox, fillers, and other minor procedures that some brides may want to go through. 


It is important to never do these the week before your wedding. However, because you should do these in advance, it is essential to plan out when you will get cosmetic injectables. 

Who Should Do Pre-Wedding Injectables?

Regardless of whether you are the bride or groom, you will want to look perfect for your day. This is understandable and also why many young couples lean towards cosmetic injectables. 

Anyone over the age of 22, looking to get rid of wrinkles, achieve fuller looking facial features, or correct a few places, should consider cosmetic injectables. 


Fillers and botox do not last for life; they can last anywhere from six months to three years, depending on the type you get. 


Brides and grooms should take injectables six months before their weddings and then receive a touch-up the month before. This will ensure there is no swelling the day of your event, and you will also understand how you will look in photos. 


Some people experience minor swelling, or they have a reaction to the injections. You can quickly go back to the doctor and get it taken out if this happens. That is one of the reasons it is so important to do this pre-wedding. 

Are Pre-Wedding Injectables Worth It?

When you start developing a pre-wedding skincare routine, you will question whether injectables are worth it. Some can be just as expensive as getting surgery and not last as long. 


Depending on who you are, pre-wedding injectables can be worth it. This is the perfect option if you are looking for a quick fix and don’t care about lasting results or looking for something with a low recovery time. 

What Are Your Injectable Options?

There are a few options that you may or may not know about. Here is a list of pre-wedding cosmetic injectables you can choose from. 


Botox softens your muscle movement and freezes the cells where you were injected. This helps even out any wrinkles or lines and prevents any future wrinkles from popping up.


Botox should be done six months before, and you should get a touch-up one month before your wedding. 


There may be some minor bruising at the injection site, most of the time, it is easy to cover with makeup, but this is why you should never do it close to your wedding date. 


Fillers are something that brides can do when they want to volumize their skin before their big day; they are for the places in your face that lack volume. These are types of injections that are naturally occurring in the body and can be safer than botox. 


Since these substances are made of things already in our bodies, the compatibility is higher than other forms of injections and less likely to cause irritation or other issues. The one downside of fillers over botox is that bruising is more common than botox. 



This is known as the “fat-melting” injection that brides love to get before their big day. This is another natural substance that can be found in our bodies. 


The key ingredient is deoxycholic acid, and it helps burn fat cells to the point where they do not return. You should aim to do a few sessions but never more than six. 


Each session should be one month apart. Our recommendation is to do these treatments as you get dress alterations. 

Fat Grafting

This is another filler that will volumize your face, but it’s not the most recommended treatment for brides. You undergo a process where they cut fat from your body, then clean it, then put it back in your face somewhere. 


Unfortunately, this process comes with many flaws. When you inject fat back into your face, it can absorb unevenly, which gives your appearance a lumpy look. 


It may not go how you are thinking it will. If you decide this is the best option for you, it is best to do this up to a year beforehand to see what it will look like. 

Preparing for Your Georgia Wedding

Once you’ve booked your Georgia venue it’s time to plan out the little details like pre-wedding injections and other cosmetic treatments. Start prepping your skin now for the most beautiful glow on your wedding day.