What a year it’s been! We just want to invite you to join us in celebrating another amazing year of the most gorgeous weddings we’ve ever seen. Our couples are just the best, and are always surprising us with gorgeous and thoughtful details throughout the year. We love seeing all the little details you’ve spent time and effort on during your wedding planning. Even if all your wedding planning ideas all came from Pinterest, no one put them together in the exact way that you did. With those specific colors, or the combination of the wagon with the burlap cushion with lace ruffles. Your weddings have been so unique.
We’ve loved seeing the vintage furniture you’ve brought in to display your wedding reception goodies. And those gorgeous cake stands you created. Oh, and we loved every single groom’s cake this year! You are so creative! You’ve come up with so many different uses for chalkboards and mason jars, and even tree slices! It’s amazing! And your dresses. Each one is so unique, and so gorgeous on you, and you were absolutely breathtaking. Really.
And finally, we hang on every kind word you’ve shared with us. We know your time is valuable (especially the first few months of sweet marriage), and we are truly thankful for the time you put into writing out those kind words. The letters melt our hearts, and we proudly boast about the online reviews you give us.
We’ve laughed with you along the way, and shed some tears, too. We watched as you sweetly promised your love and life to your dearest friend. We helped look for that sentimental thing you lost and had to have for the ceremony. We laughed along while watching your bridal party goof off and make you laugh during your photos. We stood by with warm joy in our hearts as we watched you dance with your Grandmas, and felt like a piece of us was driving away with you at the end of the night. You’ve become a part of the fabric that is Spring Lake. Our wedding venue wouldn’t be what it is without you here.
So, as you’re sitting as snug as a bug in your house tonight, we hope you’re sipping some hot cocoa and remembering the best day of your year–and hopefully, your life. It has been our pleasure hosting you and being a part of something so remarkable and as special as your wedding. It was absolutely amazing. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Merry Christmas!! And a Happy New Year!!