Ya’ll, it’s Springtime! It is that magical time of year when mother nature shakes free from her winter slumber and the earth bursts free with all the pretty springtime flowers and warm (but not yet humid!) breezes.

Weddings this time of year are all about flirty fun and sweet springy touches. Here are some of our favorite spring wedding trends so that you can add a touch of Spring to your wedding — even if you aren’t having a Spring wedding!

Bright bouquets

Nothing says Spring like flowers. In the Spring you can find a huge variety of flower types in a huge variety of colors. For a Spring-full bouquet opt for a wildflower bouquet with a bunch of bright colors and flower types all mixed together.

Floral dress

Yes, I know, on your wedding you are supposed to wear the traditional white. But what if you did…but with a floral Spring twist? You could go subtle with a lace floral pattern or you could go bold and choose a wedding gown with a colorful floral print.

Flower crown

What screams Spring goddess more than a flower crown? Exactly. Match your bouquet to your floral crown and there may not be anything more Spring-tastic.

Colorful Groomswear

If your man likes to switch it up and get fancy, then you are in luck. A Spring wedding is the perfect time to incorporate color and patterns into your groom and his wedding party’s attire. Alternative fabrics such as tweed or seersucker are also quite dapper, and quite practical if you are having a rustic countryside wedding.

Flower wall

How gorgeous would you and your beloved look in front of a flower wall? You can get this Springtime look and NOT break the bank by making paper flowers or using fake flowers for your wedding instead of shipping in the real deal.

Flower studded cake, drinks, food, tables, etc.,

Because it is Spring you cannot go overboard on the flowers. Sprinkle those bright buds EVERYWHERE. You can also incorporate edible blossoms into the drinks or garnish on that stunning wedding cake.

Rustic vintage décor

White wicker birdcages stuffed with blossoms, a vintage bicycle with its basket full of flowers and a sign leaning up against it pointing the way to the reception, using an old milk canister as a planter, there is something about vintage details that just seem Springy and whimsical, am I right? If rustic vintage décor is your aesthetic then Spring is an ideal time to do it.

Embrace nature

In the Spring doesn’t it just feel like nature is putting on her best and strutting her stuff? Wherever possible highlight the natural beauty of your wedding location and let her shine!

Let your hair down

Eschew a complicated do and consider wearing your hair down or partially up. There is just something Spring-y about loose hair cascading down your back.

Fruity cocktails

Embrace the abundance of fresh fruit available in the Spring season with cocktails and drinks made from delicious fresh squeezed fruit juices.

These are just a few ideas for how you can add a touch of Spring to your wedding. Check out this perfect wedding guide article for more great Spring ideas, and whatever decisions that you make when planning your wedding enjoy the planning and especially get out there and enjoy this beautiful Spring!