Weddings are supposed to be a dream.

Its unfair, just how many weddings have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. Even now, as the limitations from COVID are lifting, couples and vendors alike are still feeling the strain.

As a wedding venue, we’ve shared the devastation of having to postpone and even cancel weddings with many couples. Struggling to reschedule and trying to coordinate with multiple vendors simultaneously can be so overwhelming for a bride. Our team at Spring Lake empathizes deeply with this struggle and really try to do everything we can to make the day go perfectly.

Last weekend we celebrated the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Golden. Their original date had to be postponed and 9 months later they were finally getting to say “I do.”  It was truly a beautiful day; the sun was shining and the birds were singing! A few unfortunate hiccups presented themselves but we were not about to let that ruin the day. After quick trip to our local grocery and a few minutes in the kitchen, Renty put together a small cake decorated just as Hailey had imagined. Our staff at Spring Lake takes pride in being a part of what makes a wedding day memorable and The Golden wedding was no exception.

Thank you Hailey for choosing our venue for you wedding, it was a pleasure to be a part of your day!

COVID Wedding things made happy

The owners of Spring Lake Events were more than helpful, they made the day run smoothly and went the extra 10,000 miles! Our first wedding was postponed due to COVID, so our wedding part two came 9 months later. It was still important to us, and it was important to them. They helped us decorate to theme (they have a closet of decor to choose from), setup our s’mores section by their fire pit area, encouraged us to take wedding pictures in their staple canoe, and ran out for a last minute wedding cake when our cake vendor did not show up!!! I rambled in the car about how pretty the cake would have been decorated with figs and blueberries and blackberries…. And they managed to find a simple white stacked cake and mini cupcakes AND ADDED THOSE THINGS. It was just a huge surprise, and the guests didn’t know it was unplanned till I told them. Very genuine people. Gorgeous venue. Natural and perfect. FIVE STARS PEOPLE.

– Hailey Lawson Golden


DREAM Wedding!

Spring Lake Events provided my daughter and family with a DREAM wedding! The Venue was in pristine condition with panoramic views that a picture cannot truly capture. You have to see it for yourself. My daughter did a horse and carriage ride around the lake that provided a magical appearance and made numerous people in the pews CRY tears of JOY! We hired DJ John that provided an excellent sound system for the ceremony outside and throughout the night. Again, the view when you are sitting in the pews to watch the wedding ceremony takes your breath away. Absolutely gorgeous scenescape! The reception area was beautiful too. This venue provided a cabin full of décor and props that we were able to use in the reception area that made her wedding special and unique. All of the vendor’s we used from their list that were amazing! The Steak House catered delicious food and provided excellent service.
I highly recommend this venue for the reasons above, but what I did not anticipate was their hands on approach to helping us make the wedding memorable. Mike and Renty(2 of the venue owners) went above and beyond to make this day special! We had many obstacles leading up to this wedding and they provided solutions. We were all hit hard by the pandemic and had to cancel the wedding in September of 2020 when the groom’s family were diagnosed with COVID the day of the rehearsal dinner. They worked with us to set up an alternative wedding date months later. Next, the floral manager quit a few days before the wedding and the flowers were not ready for pick-up. My daughter and I tried to do the flowers ourselves…and Renty helped us fix them before the wedding.(Who knew she had many years of floral experience) Then, the wedding cake did not show up at the venue☹ They went out to search for a cake and cupcakes for the wedding while the ceremony was taking place. They added berries to the cake and cupcakes and created a beautiful display. They saved the day!! We are grateful for their hard work, and thankful we choose Spring Lake Events! Our family had the BEST wedding experience a family could ask for. Again, I highly recommend this venue to all!

-Todd and Stephanie Lawson