9 Unique Wedding Reception Activities to Entertain and Delight

Sure, boogey-ing down on the dance floor next to your Uncle Bryan and all of your nearest and dearest to the DJ or band can be fun. It is definitely classic wedding entertainment, but it might not be for everyone. Perhaps you are looking for some alternate ideas to the classic music and dancing after dinner, or maybe you want to add some fun activities in as well. Our guide will give you 10 unique wedding reception activities that will hopefully entertain and delight you and your guests.

  1. Craft Station

    Give your guests something fun to do, and something memorable to take home! Your guests could make their own flower crowns to wear, make their own candles, decorate a frame, and the list could go on. Hop on Pinterest for some ideas and then get creative! I guarantee your guests will enjoy getting creative as well, and will cherish their one of a kind wedding favor.

  2. Temporary Tattoo Station

    Make a little table with a spread of fun temporary tattoos for your wedding guests to apply, some water, sponges, and let your guests enjoy! This could be especially fun for weddings with kids or teenagers. You can theme the temporary tattoos around your wedding theme, or even get some personalized temporary tattoos made with you and your betrothed initials entwined, the date of your wedding, your last name, etc.

  3. Food Trucks

    Invite a food truck, or a few, to provide a late-night snack, a fun dessert, or some munchies to your guests during your reception. This will be delicious and add an element of fun to any wedding reception!

  4. Show Your School Spirit

    Were you in the band in high school or college, or do you have a close friend or family member that is? Some high school or college bands will come out and play special events upon request. See if your local band or alma mater will make a visit to your reception and provide some lively entertainment for your guests.

  5. Street Performers

    Hire some street performers to perform their unique and entertaining art at your wedding reception, or perhaps greet guests as they are arriving. This will definitely provide some memorable and fun entertainment that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

  6. Artists

    Hire a live event painter to capture the wedding ceremony. This gives you a beautiful keepsake to cherish and display in your home for many years to come, and your guests will enjoy watching the painting take shape before their eyes. Another wedding reception activity idea is to hire a caricature artist to paint portraits of the guests that they can each take home as a really fun and unique wedding favor.

  7. Casino Tables

    Have your guests try their luck at a little roulette or blackjack with a casino table or two at your reception if that is your thing. Who knows, maybe one of your guests will get as lucky at the blackjack table as you are in love!

  8. Snack Bar

    We love the trend of setting up a themed bar with all of the fixings to give your guests a special treat. This can be a nacho bar, coffee bar, hot chocolate bar, ice cream sundae bar, baked potato bar, you dream it – you can make it! Take your favorite treat and turn it into a to-do with pretty bowls, fun add-ins, and elegant signage. Your guests will enjoy making it themselves almost as much as they will enjoy eating it!

  9. Wedding Wishes

    Have a little table off to the side where guests can write wedding wishes for the new couple to open on their honeymoon, or have them write predictions to open on their one year anniversary. Take this to the next level by hiring a calligrapher to take dictation and write these well wishes out on some beautiful stationary.

Whatever you decide to do for your wedding reception activities, make it fun and make it you! The more of your personality you can pour into the little details of your wedding and reception the better and more fun it will be for you and your family and friends. Enjoy planning wedding reception activities that will entertain and delight!