Looking for unique send-off ideas that aren’t sparklers? You’ve come to the right place!

Making a grand exit at the end of the night is almost as important as the grand entrance. Sparklers always make for a magical farewell but if flaming sticks aren’t your style, read below for six unique send-off ideas.


Dried Lavender or Wild Flowers – A great Boho send-off idea

Dried lavender or wild flowers are one of our favorite unique send-off ideas and gaining popularity among brides looking for a boho vibe. Another huge win in our book, anyone can DIY this or (if DIY isn’t your thing) can also be purchased for a great price!

Fresh Rose Petals

A similar but more elegant and traditional spin, have your guests toss fresh rose petals over you and your honey. This is a great idea, especially if you have fresh roses in your wedding arrangements or bouquet. A good florist will always order in excess to ensure only the best, freshest roses make it to your centerpieces. There are almost always roses that don’t quite make the cut but should just be tossed aside. Talk with your florist about keeping these extras in a vase of water for you until the day of your wedding. A quick pluck by your coordinator or friend just hours before you say “I Do” and viola, fresh petals for your send-off.


Everyone loves bubbles and believe it or not, these little floating balls of soap make for a great send-off photo. Don’t believe me? Check out our Pinterest to see for yourself! If you want to take you send-off to the net level, small and inconspicuous bubble machines are available (also very affordable) and will fill the air around you and your guests making for a “bubbly experience.”


Wedding Bell Send-Off

The use of wedding bells dates back for centuries and the reason behind the tradition has greatly evolved over the years. Having guests ring bells as the Bride & Groom make their exit is a surprisingly thrilling experience. There is something about the way they harmonize together. While loud, they provoke an undeniable excitement. Because wedding bells are often used as wedding favors, this is also a budget friendly send-off idea.

Leaf Confetti

If DIY or crafty projects are part of your wedding planning process, leaf confetti is a great send-off idea. Only one tool is required, a hole punch! Leaf confetti is a simple yet elegant detail and when tossed, flutters gently through the air beautifully.  Its natural character fits well with our rustic wedding venue and when the night is over, this earthly confetti requires no extra attention or clean up.

Glow Sticks Send-Off

One of the things that everyone loves about a sparkler send off is the warm light it adds to the background of the pictures. If your send-off will take place after dark, glow sticks are a fun way to have light, without fire. Colored glow sticks or all white ones, whichever you choose, will leave a lasting impression on your guests and will be sure to light up the night.



There are a lot of options out there when it comes to send off ideas. Our venue has policies in place to protect the wildlife and venue from send-off materials that we find to be unsafe or unclean. If you are trying to decide what type of send off suites your style, consider these examples!