Congratulations, You’re Engaged!! What an exciting time in your life. Getting to plan a wedding is an exhilarating experience and one that often dominates a brides life until the day arrives. If you’re a DIY loving bride, you may be thinking, why should I hire a wedding coordinator? Maybe you’re the bride that wants someone to assist in the full planning process so you can sit back and relax. Whatever your preference, we are here to give you 4 reasons why you should hire a wedding coordinator for your wedding day.

Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

First things first, lets talk about the difference in a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. In most cases, a wedding planner is hired immediately after getting engaged. They are often involved with every aspect of planning and become the middle person between the bride and all vendors. A planner may handle tasks like negotiating contracts, coordinating with vendors and making decisions on decorations that match you style.

A wedding coordinator can also assist you with engaging vendors and even picking out decorations. The main difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner is the length of time they’re contracted. A coordinator usually steps in a few months prior to the big day. They confirm that all vendors are aware of the date and locations, and work with you to lock down a solid day of time line.

If you’re engaged and trying to decide whether you should hire a wedding planner vs a wedding coordinator, consider these 2 thoughts.

  1. “I’ve experienced many weddings. I know what questions to ask and have an idea of what vendors I want to use.” (Hire a wedding coordinator)
  2. “I’m so excited but I have no idea where to start! Is there someone that can help me navigate everything and make sure I don’t forget something?! (Hire a wedding planner)

Wedding Coordinators Reduce Stress

Saying “I Do” to the love of your life is a once in a lifetime experience. It should be a time of celebration, full of overwhelming joy, not stress! Think of a coordinator as an investment for your overall wedding experience. In the last month leading up to your wedding, there are many final tasks that require attention. This also happens to be the time that brides experience the most stress, because lets be honest, we all want the day to be perfect! It is extremely helpful during this period of time to have a coordinator on your team. That way, they handle all the last minute scheduling and you get to enjoy a bachelorette trip without any fear of forgetting to order the cake.

The absolute most important service that a wedding coordinator (or wedding planner) provides is managing the day-of responsibilities. No matter how well a wedding has been planned, unexpected situations will always pop up. For the sake of your sanity and overall enjoyment of the day, having someone else who is responsible for handling these issues will greatly reduce your stress.

They know what questions to ask

Another insanely helpful perk when hiring a coordinator is that they know important questions to ask your vendors. Details like, how long do you need to set up/break down? or  how do you store any left overs? can prevent chaos on the big day! A coordinator can help you choose the best vendor to suite your style and budget.

Coordinators are Wedding Day Hero’s

You can bet that a coordinator has seen their share of wedding uh-oh’s. Thankfully, those experiences is what makes them hero’s! Putting on your dress and realized its missing a button? Don’t worry, she will find a safety pin. Cake designer can’t find the venue? No big deal, she can give directions! Half your wedding party is missing and its time for pictures? You can bet she (or he) is on it!

The wedding industry is full of professionals and an unending supply of photographers, DJ’s, cake designers and more. It can become overwhelming when comparing them and the packages they offer. One way that Spring Lake and our staff try to make this process easier for brides is by providing a preferred vendors list exclusively to couples who are getting married at out venue. These contacts include people that we have worked with for 10+ years and have seen the level of service that they provide.