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9 Unique Wedding Reception Activity Ideas

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9 Unique Wedding Reception Activities to Entertain and Delight Sure, boogey-ing down on the dance floor next to your Uncle Bryan and all of your nearest and dearest to the DJ or band of your choosing can be fun, and is definitely classic wedding entertainment, but it might not be for everyone. Perhaps you are looking for some alternate ideas to the classic music and dancing after dinner, or maybe you want to add some fun activities in as well. Our guide will give you 10 unique wedding reception activities that will hopefully entertain and delight you and your guests. Craft Station Give your guests something fun to do, and something memorable to take home! Your guests could make their own flower crowns to wear, make their own candles, decorate a frame, and the list could go on. Hop on Pinterest for some ideas and then get creative! I guarantee [...]

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Planning A Wedding: Who Pays For What?

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Wedding Planning: Who Pays for What? So you are planning a wedding. How exciting! We are assuming that you are either engaged, about to be engaged, or you are helping a friend plan for this most lovely and joyous occasion. Lucky you! Weddings can be tons of fun to dream for and plan for. There are so many sweet little details that are all crucial to making a perfectly lovely and memorable wedding and reception that are super fun to think about. But there is another aspect of a wedding and reception that is not as much fun to think about and plan for, but is just as crucial, and in fact, perhaps even more important since everything else hinges on it: who pays for what? Who Pays for What? The Traditional Approach: There is, of course, a traditional division of the costs for a wedding and reception. It hails [...]

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