You started planning your wedding. You found your perfect vintage wedding venue, booked your photographer, and then turned to planning the details of your wedding like your 2016 wedding color palette. Now what??? There are an infinite amount of color combinations, and where do you even start!?

No worries! We are here to the rescue! We’ll tell you where to start and then what to do. Hang on to your swatches, here we go!

Pantone. What’s it mean to your vintage wedding? Not a ton, except it will be easier to find wedding details in a color palette coordinating with the almighty Pantone’s 2016 color forecast color. They chose Rose Quartz (soft pink) and Serenity (powder blue). It’s a big deal they chose 2 colors because it’s usually only one color for the year. But we think these two are a perfect combo, and if you aren’t a fan of both colors, choosing just one of them is definitely a great starting point for finding your dream wedding color palette.

Pastels are definitely on-trend colors for 2016 vintage weddings and they look absolutely stunning at a barn wedding venue like ours. The rustic barn and vintage wedding elements of our wedding venue contrast in harmony with the soft, feminine pastels (just like you and your groom…awwwwe)

After you choose your favorite base color (we are loving Rose Quartz), you’ll want to pick a complimentary color to ground your color palette. Think of the base color like the vocals to your favorite song. It’s the part you’ll use the most throughout your wedding and will be “your wedding color.” Then think of this second color as the bass to the song. You want it to be there, but you don’t want to just listen to that part of the music. You’ll want to have a third color as an accent color to create some interest. Think of this like the steel guitar or the trumpet of your song. It just pops up when the song is about to get boring.


We especially love ^^ this color combo ^^ from Tulle and Chantilly. Soft blush pink, creamy peach and pale blue work so great at a venue like ours. Pink and peach are so soft and complementary, just perfect colors for vintage weddings. And the pale blue looks great next to some of the accents around our venue like our stone steps and blue-tinted evergreens.

But in the end, whatever colors you chose are sure to look amazing at a venue like Spring Lake that is surrounded by the gorgeous beauty of nature.