Where are you getting ready?

Where are you getting ready?

You’ve been getting ready for your wedding for months now, and the day is finally here. Where do you want to spend the first few hours of your wedding day, anticipating the excitement of marrying the love of your life? The good news is you have options!

First, you’ll want to think about the logistics of the day. What time are you getting married? Will you be bringing in your own hair and makeup artists, doing your own, or will you be traveling to a salon? Do you have enough time to travel from a different getting ready location to your wedding venue? Will your photographer be there for your getting ready time (and do you have time for their travel between the locations in your wedding photography package)? Is there a mirror and a sink nearby for those last minute lipstick checks?

Photography by Jennifer G Mills Photography

Another thing to think about is the first look. If you plan on doing a first look before the ceremony, you’ll probably want your getting ready location to be the same location as your first look so you can refresh your hair and makeup before the ceremony (especially in the summer months!).

Some venues (especially rustic farm venues) do not have a bridal suite on property which means you’ll need to find somewhere relatively close by to get ready. We thought of everything at Spring Lake and want to make sure every detail is covered for your wedding day. That’s why we have two separate suites (one for the guys and one for the ladies) complete with their own private restrooms. They are both air conditioned, which makes our suites an ice cold oasis in those hot summer months. We took great care in hand selecting each piece of furniture in the suites, making sure the ladies had a lovely space to get ready and that the guys had a manly suite to hang out in. There is plenty of seating in each suite for a medium-sized wedding party, and even some natural light in the bridal suite (which your photographer will be thankful for).

Photography by Paris Mountain Photography

And the best part, since both our suites are right here on our property, worries about logistics just float away. If you choose to do a first look, you will have plenty of space to get into position for the moment without seeing each other or even walking a long way to the perfect spot. And if you choose a more traditional wedding day schedule, your entire wedding party is all right there together, on call for the moment they walk down the aisle with little or no risk of the groom seeing you before the big moment.

And one more cool thing about our getting ready suites; they’re just off the main reception area. That means if you just need to get away for a minute in the heat or hectic moments of the day, you can just slip off to your air conditioned suite to relax, recharge, and catch your breath. Or share a special quiet moment with the love of your life. We think it’s pretty dreamy.

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