What’s your perfect venue?

What’s your perfect venue?

It’s that time of year again, when brides are out looking for that perfect venue. What are you looking for in your venue? What should you be looking for? And what are some of the details you might not be thinking bout when you walk into a huge open space?

We’re here to help you answer those questions. The first thing you need to consider is size. Is the space big enough for your guest list? Is it too big for an intimate wedding? You’ll want to make sure that the space feels full, but that people have space to break into different areas for various activities (think: drinking, dancing, eating, and talking). We think Spring Lake is the perfect size. It is cozy enough to have an intimate wedding, and expansive enough to hold large groups. And the great thing about our venue is that people can spill out of the building to other areas of the property. Your wedding party could be down by the fireplace, your parents down by the lake relaxing in the Adirondak chairs, and Aunt Suzy living it up on the dance floor. It’s like having 5 parties at once!

Photography by Brita Photography

The next thing you want to think about is style and decor. How difficult will this space be to create the ambiance you’re wanting? When a venue already has some of the details covered, you’re going to save money in the long run (think: flowers and extra decor). But you’ll want to make sure those details are going to fit in with the style of your wedding. Will you be wearing heels and a formal gown with a long train? You’ll probably be looking for a formal ballroom. Then again, if you’re wanting a venue where you can wear your cowgirl boots and drink from a mason jar, Spring Lake might be the perfect venue for you. The great thing about our venue is that you can walk in and have your wedding here today, just as it is. It’s also easy to customize, too! You can bring in vintage lace tablecloths and antique vases to add a Victorian touch, or you could bring in a popcorn machine to make it feel like a carnival. The options are endless here at Spring Lake!

And finally, you’ll need to be thinking about the details. What’s your backup plan if it rains? Is there a great place for the cake besides along a wall? Does the venue fit into your budget? Spring Lake has the answers to all those questions, and we’ll be answering them in the coming weeks. We’ve got years of wedding experience behind us, and know you’ve got a lot of questions before selecting your wedding venue. But after one step onto the Spring Lake property, we know you’ll think it’s perfect here. We sure do!

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