What is a wedding day first look?

What is a wedding day first look?

What is a wedding day first look and do you want one? This is a newer tradition in weddings (just ask your parents if they’ve ever heard of it) that can be quite controversial. Are you going to break tradition to see your one true love before you walk down the aisle?

A first look is just between you, your groom-to-be and your photographer. Typically, your photographer will set up the scenario in a location that is beneficial for your wedding photographs. Once you and your groom-to-be are dressed and ready (and before your guests begin arriving), you’ll head out to a gorgeous location on our farm property. Your groom will most likely hide his eyes until you’re close and your photographer will capture the moment he sees you. You’ll share a few minutes together and then the photographer will probably want to take a few photos of you together while your hair and makeup are still perfect (and while Aunt Linda isn’t standing around watching making you feel awkward).

So, why would anyone want to do that? Well, a well-planned first look can make your wedding day schedule move effortlessly. You’ll be ready early to get photos done before guests arrive, so you won’t be worrying that your guests will be waiting while you finish those last getting ready details. You and your guests can head straight to the reception after the ceremony to get the party started and Grandma will still be feeling refreshed (instead of feeling like a wilted flower because she’s been waiting on you for an hour). As mentioned earlier (but it’s worth repeating) Aunt Linda won’t be standing around and wanting to get the photo with her camera too (slowing down the photos).

Photography by Tin Can Photography

And best of all, you get to have a special, quiet moment to reflect on why you are actually getting married to begin with. When you’re walking down the aisle, you’re probably holding Dad’s arm, glancing around and nervously smiling at your friends and family as you walk by, finally glancing up at your handsome groom. When you do a first look, it’s just you and him. In peace and quiet. To hold each other. And kiss each other. And tell each other what you’re thinking and feeling. And the second best part is that you’ll have amazing, beautiful photos of that moment to remember how you felt at that moment. (And honestly, that photo of the groom seeing you for the first time walking down the aisle is usually just a photo of him standing by the officiant, smiling nervously.)

And despite all this, some couples are faithful to tradition. They want everyone to share in that first moment, a communal gasp at the first look of the bride. And to whisper as the groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time. It is a time-honored tradition that has been passed down through generations.

Some things remain sacred. We get that. And we always want you to make the choice that is right for you.

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