Weddings Old and New

Weddings Old and New

We had an incredible year here at Spring Lake in 2013!!! All in thanks to our wonderful couples and their families! We just love sharing our beautiful place with sweet young couples on one of the most important days of their life. We’ve shared amazing sunsets together, watched you dance your first and last dances, and even got to watch you cast off on your first boat (er, canoe) ride. We’ve seen the panic on your face when you realize you forgot your garter belt and the relief when you saw your maid of honor had an extra for just a day like that. We’ve been at the helm, watching and waiting for just the moment to show you we care by going that extra step that you never expected. We’ve even given you some industry secrets based on years of experience in the wedding industry. It’s been such an amazing year for us. We hope it’s been an amazing year for you, too.

We’ve shared our venue with some famous people. Added a canoe. Added some vintage pews to our collection. Been showcased in a music album cover. Shown up in The Knot. Been featured in Here Comes the Guide and Occasions Magazine. And that’s just some of the cool things we can remember off the top of our head!

Photography by Amy Zumwalt

If you’re one of our 2014 brides, hang on tight! We have an awesome year planned! Almost all of our weekends are filled up (so if you’re wishing to be one of our 2014 brides, check out our calendar pronto ASAP!) with what we know will be incredibly amazing weddings. We’re more prepared than ever to make your wedding day the gorgeous day you always dreamed of. We even have some fun things in the works to make this year even more exciting! (Stay tuned!)

And while we’re expectantly waiting on the gorgeousness of 2014, we’re already booking for 2015. So if you’re just getting engaged over the holidays (eeekk!!! Congratulations!!!!), you want to go ahead and give Renty a call ASAP (770.377.6962). As soon as the weather starts picking up again in a couple of months, she’ll be completely booked with tours and couples booking their favorite dates. So, just to be on the safe side…you should probably go ahead and get on her busy calendar.

Here’s to a year filled with magazine appearances, gorgeous photographs, stunning dresses, and love overflowing!!

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