Wedding Venue for Your Manly Man

Wedding Venue for Your Manly Man

If you’re engaged to a guy’s guy, we’re talking to you this week! You know, your guy is the kind of guy that gets his beer and buddies together to watch the game on Saturday. The guy who wakes up hours before daylight and heads out to the middle of nowhere to sit on a cold platform up in a tree to try his aim on his new bow. The guy who has a beard from October to January. He might come home from work covered in dirt and sweat from a long summer day working outside. Or maybe your guy is the type of guy that plans his weekends around what is biting right now at his favorite lake. We know. We get it. We have one of those, too.

And that’s part of the reason why your guy is going to love Spring Lake and all that we have to offer. Our venue is perfect for the girl who wants to dress up in lace and cowboy boots who’s engaged to the guy who would be just as happy covered in mud and face paint. We have a spring-fed lake (hence the name…Spring Lake!) where he can cast his rod with a few buddies before getting ready to see his lovely lady walk down the aisle. Instead of getting his photo made with his groomsmen in a rose garden, he can strut his stuff out in a wheat field or at the edge of the forest. And he’ll feel right at home in the open-air barn with the rustic lights hanging from the beams (because we know he would never call them “chandeliers”).

Photography by Paris Mountain Photography

When you bring him our way for your first peek at the venue, you’ll be adoring all the adorable vintage details spread throughout the property and he’ll probably be wondering what the lake is stocked with. You’ll be planning what you’ll use to decorate the cedar arch and he’ll be checking out the screened-in porch adorned with tackle signs and stripping baskets (they’re for fly fishing). We think Spring Lake is the perfect balance of rustic vintage and simple sophistication.

With all that in mind, you will want to make sure both of you are comfortable on your wedding day and choosing a venue that you both love can play a big part in the mood of your day. Spring Lake is a venue where your husband-to-be can wear jeans and a blazer with cowboy boots and totally fit in. He can drive up in his work truck. He can bring his fishing pole. He can kiss his lady in the middle of a wheat field. And he can just be himself. We think he’ll probably like that.

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