Wedding Day Planning

Wedding Day Planning

We know you’re probably stockpiling all the things you need for your wedding day. All the decorations, your wedding dress with all its accessories, the special elements for your ceremony, and all the paper goods you need to mail out to your guests. And when the day gets here, we want to make sure you have everything you need for a wedding day in our amazing valley we call Spring Lake.

The most important thing you’ll want is yourself, and your groom. Make sure he and your wedding party have the address and directions to our venue. Just to be sure, you might want to print out directions from a common location (like your house or Atlanta) in case someone looses a signal on the way to the venue. You never know, but better safe than sorry. And you’ll also want to be sure you have all the getting ready details covered: dress, necklace, earrings, makeup (or makeup artist), shoes, comfy shoes for the reception if you’d like, etc. And for your groom, be sure he has the necessities covered like an undershirt and his suit (guys tend to forget things like that). Oh, and socks. Guys are known to forget the socks to go with their suits. We definitely don’t want him marching down the aisle in white sneaker socks!!

For your ceremony you want to make sure you have any sentimental pieces for your ceremony (like a wrap for your bouquet) together. And you’ll want to make sure you have an extra copy of any paperwork your officiant might need from you (like a copy of your vows) even if you’ve emailed it to them.

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Are you bringing your own reception decor? We’re thinking place cards, table decorations, and decor for your reception tables (like menu placards). Flowers are included in our wedding packages, but if you want special reception flowers for your tables, you’re welcome to bring them. We’ve seen all kinds of flowers for table settings, from daises in simple bud vases to elaborate settings with birdhouses, lanterns and wooden chargers. Want a tip to save some packing room for your table settings? You can use your bridesmaids’ bouquets to decorate special tables at your reception.

And the last thing you want to think about are the special events and your exit. By special events, we’re talking the bouquet toss, garter toss, and the cake cutting. You’ll want to make sure you have your tossing garter and bouquets (if you’re using duplicate versions) and a mask for your guy if you want him blindfolded when digging around for the garter. And if you’re bringing special utensils for the cake cutting, be sure to pack those (and in the meantime, don’t forget the cake!!).

This definitely isn’t a comprehensive list, but it should get the juices flowing. ūüôā And even if you’re using an outside wedding coordinator or wedding planner, you’ll probably be getting these things together for him or her, too. Hopefully, you’re one step closer to being ready for that big day!

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