How to Entertain Your Guests in Ways that They Won’t Expect

Have you been looking for ways to entertain your wedding guests in ways that they will never expect? Well, search no further! We have found some of the most creative and fun wedding entertainment ideas and compiled them here for your convenience. So, here is a list of how to entertain your guests in ways that they won’t expect, but will absolutely love. Fireworks Cap off your nuptials with a fantastic and awe-inspiring firework display to light up the night! This can be as extravagant or low key as you want. You can hire professionals to put on a huge firework display, including custom fireworks to capture and celebrate your love like a heart firework or your initials entwined. Or, you can do it low-key (read: cheaply) by buying up some fireworks during July 4th weekend or over the New Years eve holidays and stashing them until wedding time. Then, [...]

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7 Ideas to Up the Fun at Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are about a lot of things. It is a sacred ceremony where you and your beloved are bound to one another for life before your family and friends. It is a beautiful time of celebration of your love. And weddings are also…a lot of FUN! Undoubtedly fun is one of the things that you most certainly want to incorporate into your wedding reception. In light of that, here are 7 ideas to up the fun at your wedding reception. Send out a song request card A great way to get people involved in the dance party at your reception and help them get into a fun groove is to send out a song request card with the invitations. Have your guests write down one or two songs that they would love to dance to at the reception and then use the returned cards to make a playlist for your [...]

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Making the Most of Your Wedding Venue with a Limited Budget

We all want to wow our guests with a gorgeously decorated wedding venue, but sometimes a limited budget gets in the way of our big, big, ideas. But don’t despair! You can still make the most of your wedding venue with a limited budget by using these five tips. Emphasize the strong points. Does your venue have a stunning grand staircase (our favorite: made of natural slate!)? Frame it in flowers or wind a garland around the banister. Station grand candelabras at the base of the stairs lit with candles and wound round with roses. Is the building of your venue kind of small and closed, but there is a grand garden or lawn area? Frame that area as the center point for the wedding and reception. Lights and flowers go a very long way in helping to beautify a space, no matter how plain. Downplay the weak points. If [...]

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Best Wedding Registry Item Ideas

Some people absolutely LOVE shopping. Some love shopping for themselves, and some for other people. Others would rather avoid stores altogether. For a wedding, though, creating a registry with gifts you would like to receive as a couple is more like a rite of passage. When debating what items to place on your wedding registry, consider this suggested list of best wedding registry items for 2019. Kitchen/Home Appliances Even if you’re combining dishes and silverware that you may already have, something like a crock pot, air fryer, or instant pot would be a great registry item. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a wok, cast iron pan, casserole dish, or a French press. This would be the perfect time to slip that in. On the other hand, perhaps you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. Go ahead, add it on the list. Plants/Planters An up-and-coming trend on the [...]

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Most Thoughtful Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Showing your appreciation for those who you ask to be a big part of your marriage means finding the perfect token. Whether you have a small or an unlimited budget, the important part of a gift is the thought behind it. With these recommendations, take some of the pressure off of your shoulders and take your pick. Here are ideas for the most thoughtful gifts for your wedding party: Compact Mirror/Pocket Watch These choices are great for the whole crew. You can customize them with engravings simply or more elaborately. Place initials or names on each, add a special touch with what role they played in the wedding and the date, or even inscribe with a loving note to each person. No matter how individualized you make it, these gifts create a keepsake they can use for years to come. Glassware Now, stay with me here. You can get bridesmaids [...]

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DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

When it comes to weddings (and everything else) the words practical, affordable, and fun are getting to be front and center more and more. And this definitely applies to wedding favors. I can’t tell you how many weddings I have been to (including my own!) where I looked at the wedding favor and thought “well what am I going to do with this?” or even “I am going to throw this away before I even get into the car.” Have you ever thought the same, or am I on my own here? Chances are you (and your guests) are looking for wedding favors that your guests will actually use. Something fun, practical, and clever. Bonus points if it is inexpensive. Double bonus points if you can make them yourself. And, lucky you, you found this article with a list of wedding favors that check ALL the boxes above. So, read [...]

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Must-Haves for Your Wedding Website

Nowadays everyone is talking about creating a wedding website. There are a ton of different options, templates, Pinterest ideas, and YouTube videos about how to create the perfect wedding website, but what do you really need and what can you do without? Here are a few must have elements for your wedding website to make the whole process a lot easier. All the Details You most definitely need the who, what, when, and where (hopefully the why is self-explanatory). Get all of the pertinent details down on your website and make them prominent. Also, make sure that this is up to date. If there is a last-minute change, get someone to change it on the website ASAP. You want your guests to be able to refer to this website so they know where and when to go to see you get hitched. Registry Info The first question most of your [...]

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The Best Ways to Incorporate Technology in Your Wedding

In order to stay up with the advancing times, using different pieces of technology in your wedding seems natural these days. The options for doing so appears endless. If you want a techno-centric or simply a tech-savvy ceremony and reception, then by all means, let’s create it. Here are the best ways to incorporate technology in your wedding: Hashtags We’d be remiss to leave out the beloved hashtag craze. While this may not seem as forward in tech as some of the others in the list, the fact remains that up until a few years ago, this choice was not even a figment of anyone’s imagination. Now, you basically have a built-in photo-album of sorts to track all the photos guests and wedding party attendants took. Drones Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding, this selection offers a unique view of the celebration. Imagine the stunning birds’ eye view [...]

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Unique Wedding Vow Ideas

When you convey your undying love to your significant other, you envision perfection. Now, we all know that the idea of perfection is in the eye of the beholder. For your big day, you can stick to traditional versions or choose a more unique route with your vows. Use this list of unique wedding vow ideas for inspiration in your ceremony: Honest Wedding Vows Whether you take pieces from other vows or write your own, sprinkling a little honesty in with the romantic gush will make them memorable. If you are promising to love, honor, and cherish, perhaps you can promise to be the one who gets the mail every day or makes the bed. A bit of realistic expectation thrown into the mix. Funny Wedding Vows We all love the moments that break the serious tone of the day. Take this opportunity to splash some humor, show your personality, [...]

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in an Overwhelming Market

Engagements are an exciting time; you’re on top of the world, crazy in love, and ready to take on anything with your significant other. There are so many ways a.newly engaged couple could become overwhelmed once they begin the planning process for their upcoming nuptials, but choosing the perfect venue doesn’t have to be one of them. Decide on your wedding day style This doesn’t mean your wedding needs to be themed, but it’s certainly safe to say that any wedding you’ve ever attended has a style about it. Narrowing down that style, and the vibe you want your guests to get when they arrive makes a world of difference when choosing a venue. It’s a starting point to eliminating the venues that don’t make sense for you, and avoids overconsumption mode. Less choices = a more clear answer. Spring Lake Events is versatile, making that choice even easier. It’s [...]

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